Let The Beautiful Bluegrass Music Ring!

Well Hello Everybody!
Thank you for joining me for our weekly email chatting time.  I'll try not to disappoint everybody this week so hold on tight.  First of all, I bought a micro sd converter at the store the other day and it came with a free 4 gig micro sd card so I was thinking of taking lots of videos of Japan and sending it to you for Christmas!  Good idea right?!  So if you have any requests for videos that you want to see, please let me know. 
Now for some questions.  When we had our conference at Tokyo with Elder Evans he told us that we are getting our iPads in December sometime so it is officially official!  I'm pretty excited to get them because now we won't have to carry any books around everywhere!  At the conference I didn't get to see S....  I didn't know that she was in the south mission or I would have looked for her!  I haven't been able to get an electric blanket yet because we always have like 0 time to do anything!  But its been pretty warm because I use like 5 blankets and we even have some sleeping bags that we use.  Oh Grandma and Grandpa Stevens, thank you so much for the thanksgiving package!  The cookies and all the other goodies were soo good and the cookies still tasted really fresh!  Apparently they do let you ship homemade goodies to Japan!  So thank you soo much!  And of all the packages that I have gotten, 2 of the 4 have been inspected by the government.  They always put a huge sticker to let us know so idk if you should wrap the presents or not.  That'd be super fun to open though.  I was looking at the store today for some cinnamon sticks and they didn't have any :(   So I'll try to make do with cinnamon sugar.   For Thanksgiving we are going to have our missionary weekly planning.  They don't celebrate it here but I'm thinking of making some mashed potatoes and I'm saving one of grandmas cookies for the occasion.  I hope you have lots of fun at the family party.  Wish I could be there with you all.
So on to the good stuff.  We finally started the blue grass dendo.  Unfortunately I couldn't find a mandolin that was under $300 so I didn't get one.  The mission president's wife Sister Budge gave a missionary in our apartment a violin so I usually play that whenever we get together.  We must be really good because the other day a couple came up to us and asked us to play at their wedding.  Unfortunately it's in April so we will all probably be transferred by then.  That would be super fun though.  Also we found 2 new investigators yesterday while playing music. They are a really nice couple and they are coming to church this Sunday!  How cool is that!  Who knew that playing really fun music would help us to build the Church! 
So I'm sure that you have heard about our investigator named T....  He is 20 and the most humble guy that I have met.  No matter what the commandment that we teach him, he always says, " Well if God wants me to do it I'll do it."  He's just so awesome!  We taught him last night and asked him again to be baptized this week but he says that he wants another week to think it over.  He had a really rough childhood so I guess it's normal for him to think about things a lot, it's just that I love him a lot and I want him to be happy in the gospel.  We`ll keep working with him to get him baptized.  I know that it'll happen really soon. 
Well I'll wrap the letter up now.  I love you all so much!  Make sure to have tons of fun during Thanksgiving this week!  I wish I could be there with you but that'll just have to wait another 2 more years.  Love you and miss you lots!
Elder Stevens
ps Happy birthday grandpa Stevens!  Hope you had an awesome day!  love you!
Bi-Mission Conference.  My MTC Companions

Bluegrass Dendoing

We Traded In Our Missionary Bikes for This! Just Kidding!



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