The End Of Sakura:(

Hello Everyone,
This is another report from yours truly Elder Stevens. Japan hasn't
changed much this week except that all of the cherry blossoms or
Sakura have died. :(  It was very sad but I am glad that I was able to
see them. How have all of your weeks been? We officially got transfer
calls this morning and guess what, Elder Cannon is leaving.  I will miss playing music with him.
We met with another Chinese person yesterday named W... He is super nice and is getting
baptized on the 11th of May. He is really good friends with K... and I think this is going to go by very smoothly. Fingers Crossed.
We set the baptismal date with him yesterday when we were teaching
him with K... I think that this helped K... a lot because he asked
us what would happen if he couldn't get baptized because of his
parents. I think that it probably put baptism in the front of his
mind again. Yes! We haven't had any baptisms yet this month or since
T... was baptized March 2nd so we have been having a slow time for
awhile. But B...came to church for the first time yesterday so he
only needs to come two more times before we feel he can be baptized so we are
getting really close with a lot of people.
I will be sending home my kendo sword in the mail soon so be looking
for it. It looks pretty cool and it is real sharp so don't let Ian hurt anyone
with it or anything. lol The Kanji on the hilt of it means Dragon, in
case you were wondering! lol
Well I'm going to wrap this up.  See yah and love yah!

Eric Stevens
Togane, Chiba District
Chiba Zone, March 25, 2014


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