A Palace Adventure...

Hey everyone!

How's it going?  Well another week has come and gone with a lot of
sweet adventures.  I would like to talk about 2 of them in this email.
As some of you have probably noticed on my Facebook page, we went with
one of our investigators to tour the Imperial Palace and it was so
sweet!  It's in the middle of Tokyo and it is so weird when you first see
it because it's just a big forest and lawns in the middle of these
huge skyscrapers.  They showed us some of the old guard towers as well
as the old Imperial Tower where the emperor lived in a long time ago.
Unfortunately, it had been burned down so only the foundation remains
today.  What I loved most about the tour however was all of the old
stories that they told us.  The first one was about 47 Samurai
warriors.  Their master was a warlord but he offended the Emperor by
trying to kill another warlord who hurt his honor.  The Emperor
commanded the other warlord to commit suicide.  He did and his 47
samurai didn't have a master anymore so after years of planning and
preparing, they attacked the other warlord that had hurt their old
warlords honor.  They succeeded in killing him but when the Emperor
heard about it, he commanded them to commit suicide too.  So they went
back to where their master was buried and committed suicide, all 47 of
them.  It's a sad story, but the Japanese people love it because it
talks about how loyal the 47 warriors were to their master even after
he died.

The next adventure that I went on this week was I cut my companions
hair.  It was the first time that I had ever cut anyone's hair and I'm
surprised that he actually let me do it!  I wouldn't have even trusted
myself to do it!  It turned out pretty great not ganna lie.  I felt so
powerful with my companion sitting in a chair and me holding a razor,
getting ready to cut everything I could!  It was a great bonding
experience.  I also got my hair cut this week, but I paid someone to
do it because I'm not as trusting as my companion is.

Besides that, we met with one of my old friends from 2 years ago named
the Prince family.  They are from Ghana and they love the Book of
Mormon and the Bible so much!  They just dropped off the map when I
left, but we got in contact with them again and we are meeting with
them to talk more about the restoration and how it can
help them.  It should be fun!

Just before I close, I would like to wish my dad and brother Ian good
luck with their 300 mile bike trip this week from Kirtland, Ohio to
Dayton, Ohio.  I pray that everything will go
well and that there aren't a lot of hills.  Those aren't very fun.
To bad they aren't having the trip in 5 weeks or I could come!  Have
fun and remember, you got this!  Love you all everyone and I hope you
have a safe week!



Soooo Trusting!


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