Learning Japanese (日本語を読む)


Eric is enjoying learning the Japanese language.  Here is a quick lesson on Japanese.

In any given sentence there may be four ways to write in Japanese.

1.  Kanji are characters borrowed from Chinese and cannot be sounded out.
     Example: 狗  dog

2.  Hiragana are characters of Japanese origin and can be sounded out. They have a curvy look to them.
     Example: こんにちは  hello

3.  Katakana are characters of foreign origin and can be sounded out.  They have a straight line look to them.
     Example: イエス·キリスト  Jesus Christ

4. Romaji are characters that are English letters that can be sounded out.
      Example:  Dore  which

Here is a typical Japanese sentence.  Can you find all of the different characters?

公園で自分の犬を歩いている間、私はハンバーガーを食べています  I am eating a hamburger while walking my dog in the park.

It looks easy, doesn't it. 


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