Typhoon and More...

Konnichiwa minasan!  こんにちは
How is everybody doing?  Thank you for all of the emails that you sent me this week, I officially got more than both of my companions combined! lol  and Thank you so much grandma and grandpa Stevens for the care package that you sent me this week!  It was super amazing to have American candy again!  I'd forgotten how sweet it tasted! lol  So thanks!   We are all doing super awesome over here on the opposite side of the world! To answer mom's question, I didn't baptize any of the converts but I did witness for all of them.  We always try to have ward members baptize the converts so that they have an unbreakable tie to the ward.  All the missionaries will leave Japan someday so we just want to make sure that the converts have friends in the church.  The baptisms were so amazing!  F... gave his testimony at the end of the baptism and to end his testimony he said, " In the name of Jesus Christ Amen,  Go Buckeyes!"  It was so awesome!  As soon as he found out that I was an Ohio State fan, he started to pray for them at the end of every lesson.  He also updates me on their stats every time we meet!  It's so cool to have been able to meet such an awesome friend.  He is also thinking of serving a mission in a year and I can't wait to go to the temple with him to get his endowments.  Speaking of the temple, we went earlier today and it was super amazing!  I loved being able to feel the Spirit in the House of the Lord again. 
About the typhoon that happened this week.  It was supposedly the biggest one that they'd seen in 10 years, but nothing really happened.  I slept through most of it and it wasn't too bad.  All the train stations were closed the whole day because of it which was very inconvenient because we needed to go to some hospital that was a one hour train ride away!  But the night before the typhoon we had to go to an appointment at an investigator named U... house.  He lives about 30 min away by bike and we decided to brave the weather and bike there.  The journey there was relatively fine but the way back was super windy and rainy.  And I'm here to tell you that it is not fun biking when you can barely see in front of you and when the wind is always trying to throw you into oncoming traffic.  And at one point I tried to jump a curb but my tire slipped in a puddle and I totally missed.  I flew from my bike and banged my knee up pretty bad.  It was not fun trying to bike home after that but we eventually made it.  Luckily we found out that my knee wasn't broken or anything so I guess the Lord was really watching out for me.  And we all learned a valuable lesson, don't ride your bike in a typhoon!! So we may have to stay in our apartment this Saturday because apparently we are having another really bad typhoon coming our way.  I hope not though because we have a Halloween party at the church then and there's supposed to be a lot of American candy!  And also we have like 10 investigators who say they are going to come. 
Well I think that's all of the cool stories that I have to share this week, oh wait one more thing, I'm giving a talk in sacrament meeting this week on Elder Uchtdorf's talk, "Come Join with Us."  So I probably am going to need a lot of prayers!  Luckily the talk is in English so it shouldn't be too hard.  I hope that it goes ok.  Well I wish all of you back home the best!  Make sure you have another amazing week!  I will see you all then! 
ai shite imasu yo!
Eric Stevens Choro

Tokyo Temple

Happy Halloween!


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