Another Fancy Week

Another great week this week!  We had two baptisms this Saturday
that we attended.  Both people who were baptized were from Vietnam and
they were so excited to be baptized.  As the district leader, I have
the privilege to interview anyone that is getting baptized in the
district.  I love the interviews because they are seriously the most
spiritual experiences that I have ever been in.  One of the candidates
was unable to speak English or Japanese so we had to have a translator
for her via Skype.  That was an interesting experience because I didn't
really know what was going on.  I really had to rely on the spirit for
the decision on that one.  The baptismal service was great and they
both asked me to bestow on them the Holy Ghost.  That is the first time I
have ever done that and it felt really good.  I hope to do that again
really soon!
We had our second district meeting as a district last week and it went
really well.  I asked another missionary to give training on how to not set
baptismal date goals and it was hilarious.  He is going to make a
great district leader someday.  Since it was fast Sunday I asked the
district if they would all fast so that we could have the spirit when we teach,
so that we can get more people prepared for baptism.
And guess what, yesterday we had 2 companionships in the district set
baptismal date goals.  It was really amazing!  I have a big testimony
of unity now!
We have had a great opportunity to go to some pretty sweet shrines in
the area of Tokyo.  Today we were going to visit our friend in the
hospital, we found out that he had gotten out a while ago but had
"forgotten" to tell us.  However, on the way we found a cool shrine with
huge statues of samurai soldiers.  Don't worry, I got lots of pics dad
and as soon as I get internet on my camera I will send them to you.  I
wish that I could study more about the culture and the history of
Japan.  It's sweet to see all of this culture.
Last of all I would like to make a shout out to grandma Kaldahl, I got
your letter this week, thank you so much for sending it!  I will try
to write a response soon!
Well I love you all!  Have a great week and I hope to hear from you soon!

Eric Stevens

PS:  I'm so proud of my brother Andrew for serving a mission to the Taiwan, Taichung Mission.
He will be a great missionary and I love him very much!

Baptism Weekend

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