A Crazy Week!

Dear Family,
Like I said in the title, this was a fancy crazy week. Fancy cuz of
all the miracles and crazy because of how busy it was. Especially
this weekend. Since I serve as the district leader I get to go on splits
with all of the elders in our district, and this Saturday I went with
my friend Elder Chugg. We taught 4 people, went to a, oh no,
I don't know how to say this in English, a dendo Chosei shukai
meeting, and to game night in one day. We skipped both
lunch and dinner and made it home just right before curfew. Crazy
days like that are always the best, except that you are usually really
hungry during them.
Also on Saturday we went to a fun place called roppongi. This is a
dangerous place at night and if we don't have a lesson appointment
there we are not allowed to go there as missionaries after 6 pm. But we
had a lesson there so we went. We met our friend J... there right
outside his work (a club) and started teaching him about missionary
work. Next thing you know we are surrounded by black people who work
at the different clubs all around roppongi asking us what we were
doing. When they heard that we were preaching from the Bible and the
Book of Mormon they called all their friends over and told us to
preach on. By now we are surrounded by like 20 black guys who are
shouting hallelujah and praise the Lord because of
all the righteous scriptures that we were sharing with them. I felt
like I was seriously in the middle of a huge church revolution
or something, and more and more people kept comig to hear us expound the
scriptures to them. Afterwards, we challenged them all to meet with us
again and to think and pray about some of their friends who might need to
hear about the gospel of Jesus Christ and to refer them to us. It was
seriously the best night ever!  We had another miracle yesterday on the
train. We saw this gentleman and he asked if we were Mormons and we
said yes. Then he asked us if we could teach him the proper way of
baptism because he had been baptized by sprinkling. But some of his
friends said that that wasn't the right way to be baptized so he was
worried that he needed to do more to go to heaven. He told us that if
he had been baptized the wrong way he wanted us to tell him and he
would get baptized the right way. We told him that he came to the
right place and we are meeting him again next Monday. And that's only
one of the great miracles! We were feeling discouraged last week
because of somethings that were happening, but it seems like God has
pressed the restart button on our investigator pool and we are pretty
much working with all new people now. But they are all super nice people.
Thanks everyone for all of the job advice that you have been giving
me. It's crazy that I already need to start working on my college
acceptance essays and stuff. Time is flying by so fast. We have the
start of a new transfer next week and I'll be transfer 9 out of 15.
I'm one of the older missionaries in the mission now, crazy.
Well I hope everyone has a great week! I love you all and can't wait
to hear from you next week!

Eric Stevens

Ps Happy Bday Ian! Have you watched any cool movies yet?
Samari Warriors, Tokyo, Japan


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