Goodbye To Tokyo & English:(

Hey everyone! This will be the last email that I send you from Tokyo,
because I am going to be moving to the more rural area of
Tsukuba, Japan pronounced scuba. Not only am I leaving Tokyo but also my
English ward, my lovely district family, and my district leader
responsibilities. I'm really going to miss being a district leader even
though I was always busy. I loved getting to know everyone in the
district and it seems as soon as I get really close to the district I
have to leave. I'm so sad.  Oh well.  In other news, I'm no
longer a district leader anymore because I was just called to be a
zone leader for the Matsudo north zone which consists of 2 districts
of about 16 people. I'm a little nervous because zone leaders have to
be awesome missionaries and I don't think I measure up yet. I hope I
can get the zone as unified as this district was this transfer.  My new
companion is transfer 10 and his name is Elder Jacox.  I'm not the senior companion
but I'm excited to learn from someone with more experience again. But
he's not too much my senior because I'm transfer 9 now. That's weird to
say because we only have 15 or 16 transfers here in Japan.
This week was pretty normal but not as busy as last week. We had a
lot of people cancel appointments on us, some without even telling us.
Which is very frustrating sometimes. We met with a new cool guy named
E...  He is from Cameroon and his one big question for us was
whether or not he had been baptized the correct way by being
sprinkled. He told us that he was worried that it was done wrong and
he said that he would get baptized into our church if he had been
baptized wrong. We are meeting with him later today.
This week we also had district lunch which was awesome! We went to an
all-you-can eat pizza place to eat, and unfortunately they had weird corn,
mayo, squid, tuna, and other interesting combinations Japanese people like to eat.
What I wouldn't do for a papa johns here. But luckily we don't have
district lunches for the food but for the company. I'm telling you I
have too much fun with our district.  I don't know if it is legal to have that
much fun as a missionary. Also while we were there we met a sweet
Brazilian family that we are referring to the Tokyo South Mission
For those of you who dont know, this week in Japan was a holiday that
they call Obon. Pretty much it is a holiday where Japanese just go
back to their home city and remember their deceased
ancestors for a few days, and have a big secular and
spiritual family reunion. Pretty sweet right? We need to do that in
the states. The only down side was that literally everyone was on
vacation this week so it was hard to meet people.
I had the opportunity to give a priesthood blessing to someone in my
district this morning. I love giving blessings cuz of the spirit that
you feel during them. I never understood how in the scriptures it
says that the "words that the prophets or apostles heard couldn't be
written in words or spoken" until today when I gave the blessing. I
started the prayer and I had tons of feeling and things that I felt
like I should say but I couldn't find the words for them. It took me
awhile to be able to phrase it all but I still feel like I couldn't
quite get it exactly right. I hope she felt what I was trying to say
during the prayer.
Also on a lighter note, we have a sweet place where we go to dendo.
It's a barber shop owned by the sweetest black guy that I know, L...
His shop specializes in giving black haircuts so everyone there is
black and loves Jesus. We always get tons of numbers there and have
tons of cool, and interesting conversations. One of them involved L...
telling everyone that Jesus wasn't coming back because he had already
finished God's work for him. He then told us that God will not forget
us though and he will send us another messenger like Jesus soon in the
future. When we asked him who it would be he said, well it's not
going to be me for sure, my guess would be it's either going to be you
Elder Stevens or Barack Obama. Wow, I've never been compared to Obama
or Jesus.  Like I said, very interesting discussions at L... shop. lol
Well with that I'm going to have to leave you now. I gotta pack and get
all ready for this Thursday. I don't like transferring. I love you
all and I will talk to you next week!


Eric Stevens

Ps it is still super hot in Tokyo right now but luckily I'm
transferring up north more by the ocean so I hope it get cooler up
Pps we went to the temple last week that's why I emailed on Tuesday
instead of Monday. Now I'm going to be pretty far from the temple.

I  Will Miss Our Tokyo District!


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