A Cool New Adventure!!

Hey Everyone!

You'll never guess what we did today.  We had our temple pday in Tokyo.
Afterwards, my friends from our district and I decided to go on
an adventure.  I haven't really done too much touristy stuff in Japan so
we decided to go all out.  We took a day trip to Odaiba.  It's a
little man-made island that used to be a huge military base but it was
recently turned into the biggest tourist hotspot in Japan.  You should
look it up!  We went to a really cool mall and visited a trick art
museum.  For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a museum
where all the art is 3-D so you can take pictures of yourself inside the
picture.  I usually don't like taking pictures, but I made an exception
for this because it was so neat.  I have them all on my camera so I have
to transfer them to the iPad before I send them, but I'll make sure to
get those to you asap.  While we were at the museum we saw Legoland.
It has been so long since I went to one, probably in the Mall of
America last July when we went and visited that as well.  We didn't do
much there because I didn't want to have to carry Legos around with me,
but here was a fancy photo booth with Lego backgrounds that we took
pictures with.  I'll have to send that picture to you as well.  But
there was so many other things to explore.  I wish we could have had more
time to visit everywhere.

The best part of the trip was when we were coming back though.  The
train that we take back to Togane from Tokyo goes right by Disneyland
and a young man got on the train on that stop.  We started talking to him
about Disneyland and the discussion turned to church and what we were
doing in Japan.  He was so interested!  His dad used to take him to
another Christian church but he started to have doubts about if God
was really here or not.  We told him about what we believed about God
and he said that he wanted to have a faith in God like we had.  So we
traded numbers and he is going to come to English class and
talk about it more.  He also likes playing pool so we are hoping to
play some with him.  But the trip to Odaiba and back was so awesome!
I'm totally going to do it again next temple pday.

As for the rest of the week, it was pretty normal.  We were able to
teach more people this week than we did last week so that was really
cool.  We also found some new interested investigators as well,
including a Korean student who just arrived in Japan and said that he has
been looking for a church to go to for the past few weeks he has been here.
We informed him that there was one really close and we are meeting him
again to show him around the church and talk about our
beliefs in Christ.  Wow, just thinking of all the sweet miracles is
making me excited for the next week of miracles!  Togane is starting
to look up a lot.

Well anyways, I think that's everything for this week.  Thanks for the
package of Easter goodies and letters from the family.  Everyone in my
apartment is so jealous that such an "old" missionary is still getting
packages.  My companion says thanks for the Marmite even though it
doesn't taste like Vegemite in his opinion.  Lol  Thanks also dad for
the Book of Mormon reading rooms.  A lot of people in the district are
really interested in using them so I'll be sure to pass them on.  Have
a great week everyone!  I love you lots and lots!  Have a great week!


Elder Stevens

Tokyo, Japan Temple

Rainbow Bridge (Looking From Odaiba Towards Tokyo)
Night Time In Odaiba, Japan

Gundam, Odaiba


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