Saying Good Bye To Togane

Hey Everyone!

Well guess what, it's that time again to say goodbye to another area.
Yep that's right, we had our transfer calls and I am leaving the
rolling hills and the rice fields of Togane to head into the concrete
jungle of Tokyo.  I was called to serve in the Senzokuike Ward which
is the Japanese Ward that is in the same church building that the
English speaking 2nd Ward goes to.  It's very ironic because the 2nd
Ward was my first area that I served in and the missionaries from
there and Senzokuike live in the same apartment.  So technically I am
going back to my first area, but to speak Japanese instead of English.
So I will be finishing my mission serving in the same place I served
when I first began.  It's funny how things work like that.  I will be
working with a new missionary.  He is from Canada and is a
transfer 3, so I get to follow up train again.  For the past three
transfers I've been working with transfer 3 missionaries so I'm
starting to sense a pattern here.  The only thing I'm
really sad about though is that I'm not a district leader anymore.  I
loved working with the district and I think one of the funnest things
I have done on my mission is be a district leader, so I don't know what I'm
going to do now as a normal missionary!  I'm a little sad to leave
Togane though because recently everything has been picking up a lot.

This week was great.  I was able to go on splits with Elder
Rasmussen, our zone leader, and we went on to "Operation Have Fun In
The Work".  And boy did we have fun.  We had no lesson appointments set up so we made our
own with new people that we found on the street.  We got 3 new phone
numbers which is awesome for one day, and found a really nice grandpa
who was just thinking about what church he should go to when we
stopped to talk to him.  Funny how things work like that.  He came to
church and had a great time and wants to come back again so
that was a huge miracle.  I was glad that we were able to
have splits.

We also had a breakthrough with our friend O....  He
is a Chinese investigator who has been coming to church for awhile but
no one has ever been able to teach him because he comes to church and
then leaves right after sacrament meeting.  Well, we finally convinced
him to come to church 30 minutes early and we got to teach him a lesson
about the restoration.  The discussion went all over the place but he told
us that he had tons of interest in learning about church and that he
had read some of the Book of Mormon while in China.  He had a great
time and we were able to set up good expectations to meet before
church again to talk more before church starts.  It's great how many
prepared people that we are able to meet with now.

Besides that not much happened this week.  I am looking forward to
Undo Kai (exercise festival). Pretty much it is a big
Olympics that the stake holds once a year and it happens the day of
transfers so I get to do that right before I leave.  What a blessing!
Well, thanks for all of your love and prayers! I love you lots and
lots, and I am excited to talk to you again soon!  Have a great week!

Eric Stevens

3D Pictures at Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan



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