A Fond Farewell To President And Sister Budge!

Hello Everyone!  How's it going?

I guess to start off, I'll explain the title of the email.  After two
years of working with our beloved President and Sister Budge, they
have gone back to their home in America.  It was so hard to see them
leave and I can't imagine having another mission president for two more
weeks.  It's hard to fill such big shoes so I wish President and
 Sister Nagano good luck!  We had a conference where the missionaries
in the Tokyo area met together to welcome President and Sister Nagano
to the mission and that was pretty fun.  Their English is so good I
was really surprised!  We pretty much had a big question answer
session and after a little bit we went back to our areas to teach
English class.  I'm looking forward to talking to President Nagano
more during our interview coming up in a few weeks.

We also had a really fancy fast and testimony meeting last week and
after the meeting, I realized that it was my last sacrament meeting in
Japan!  Unfortunately, I didn't realize this until after the meeting
and since I had just given a talk last Sunday I didn't get up to
speak.  It was a really spiritual meeting and the bishop heard me
singing and asked me to sing in my last sacrament meeting in Japan.
Elder Free and I are going to sing a duet together as a final farewell
to the ward.  I'm pretty excited because I love singing and music,
so it should be fun!

As for the rest of the week, rainy season has finally started, a
little bit late but with all of its fury.  I feel sorta like Andrew
did a few weeks ago.  We still had lots of fun and I even got to
go on splits with my old MTC companion Elder Free which was super
awesome!  We had a few lessons that day and we were so unified in
teaching.  Any of you who have been to the MTC probably realize why,
because we teach a lot together.  I guess all of our winging it lessons
worked after all! Lol

Well anyways, I think that's everything for this week.  It's hard to
believe that I will only have 2 more pdays left before I leave for home.  So
anyone who wants to email me before I go home better do it now!  Lol
Have a great week everyone!

Love you,

Elder Stevens

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