The End Before The End...

Hey Everyone!

You know what's happening this week?  I started my last week of my
last transfer!  And boy are we going to be busy.  As soon as the
Bishop in both wards announced to everyone that I only had 7 more days
in the ward, everyone started inviting us over for lunch dinner
appointments.  I feel so popular because this is the most member
lessons that I have ever had.  Pretty fancy!  But this last week has
really crept up one me.  During weekly planning, my companion brought
up, hey, so you need to start packing this week.  When are we going to
do that?  And it hit me, dang, I really do.  It's going to be fun to
try to make my bags under 50 lbs each.  But enough about that, let's
get into the good stuff.

So last Sunday was awesome at church.  President and Sister Nagano
came and gave our ward a surprise visit.  Yes, they are both from Japan
but their English is amazing!  We were so surprised to see them but it
was even better because we had tons of people at church!  Between the
other Elders and us, we filled a whole bench!  So it was me, S...
(investigator), Elder Hardy, Brother G...(member friend of the
investigators), A... (investigator), Elder Free, J... (investigator),
 Elder Nukaya, and K... (investigator).  And the Naganos were sitting
right behind us and we're super happy.  They told us to keep it
up!  I love it when we get caught having success in missionary work.
But next week should be even better.  Elder Free and I are going to be
singing together so we have like 5 people who are coming for sure
right now and we are working to get even more people!  Should be a
great last Sunday.

Now it's time for the miracle update of the week.  We found a sweet
new investigator.  His name is S... and he is golden!  We were in
Gotanda, a huge train station going to visit a recent convert who had
a birthday, when we got there he wasn't home but while we were
leaving, a guy saw us and quickly turned away.  Because of that, we
just had to talk to him, but before we could, he turned around again
and began talking to us.  He speaks awesome English and he is learning about
the Church in his college classes and he said that he wants private English
lessons.  He came to our English class, then the ward bbq, and then to
church.  It was pretty sweet!!  We are actually going to
meet him again today so he is the best.

Besides that, I was able to go on splits with our district leader last
week.  Elder Nukaya is super cool and we were able to teach lots of
people.  Also, we had the opportunity to eat dinner at Taco
Bell!  Yeah that's right, they have a Taco Bell in Shibuya, Tokyo!
They just built it a few weeks ago and it was the first time that I
have had Taco Bell in 2 whole years.  I got the quesadilla and the
taco supreme as usual.  Unfortunately, they didn't have baja blast but
it's good to know that Japan is slowly modernizing and getting lots of
great amazing restaurants.

Well, I think that's everything for this week.  I love you all tons and
tons!  I'll see you all again really soon!  Until then, God bless you!


Elder Stevens
Tokyo, Japan

Ward BBQ


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