Another Week With Tons Of Rain!

So guess what, it rained, snowed, hailed, sleeted, and thunderstormed everyday this week, like always, and we got to ride our bikes through it everyday too. lol  It was actually sort of fun riding in the snow because I got to skid to a stop!  I wiped out like three times though so I still need more practice.  It's definitely harder than doing it in a car. 
It was so amazing to see everyone again last week on skype.  I'd like to shout out a thanks to my family for hosting it at their house.  It's pretty sweet having the party house right? lol  I can't wait to be able to skype everyone again in May. The time was just way too short.
Well this week is Shougatus, New Year.  Also, tomorrow we have a mandatory all day apartment cleaning day.  I don't really care because I have been wanting to clean the apartment for a long time.  I just never have time to do it.  Sharing an apartment with 5 other teenage guys can get very messy sometimes.  And on Wednesday we have an all day read the Book of Mormon day.  Apparently if you read the Book of Mormon all day you should be able to finish it.  Right?  About the squid ink pasta, it was not that tasty.  I probably will never try it again.  I just ate some as a dare and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.  Even our friends didn't like it.  Both of the people with us in the picture are super cool.  They work at Uni Clo so we visit them a lot when we have to buy warmer clothes.  The cool thing about  being a missionary is that you get to just make a lot of friends.
Well have lots of fun this week.  Love you lots and I hope to hear from all of you soon!  I'm glad that you got all of your presents.  That was super fast shipping, I just sent them on Tuesday.  Japan is just that good. lol 
mata ne! じゃあまたね

Christmas Day 2013

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