Just A Quick Note

Hey everybody!  So sorry we are going to have p-day tomorrow because we have a caroling activity at a rest home all day today.  I actually get to play the violin and I'm super excited!  So don't worry about me I'm fine and playing the violin for some senior people!  Should be super fun.  Also, mom I have a question about the rice pudding recipe.  In the recipe it says I need eggs in the instructions but it never listed eggs in the ingredients list.  So how many eggs do I need to make the rice pudding?  Also how many servings does the recipe make? Because 3/4 a cup of rice doesn't seem like that much.  Should I double it or something?  I'm going to make it tomorrow so I'll check up with you again then.  Thank you so much!  I can't wait to make such an amazing Christmas memory.  Love you all, and I'll email again tomorrow!  Mata ashita!  また明日


Elder Hall Preparing To Transfer To Tokyo

New District

Thanksgiving Treat
 Boat To Sado Island, Japan

Sado Island

Rice Fields, Sado Island


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