Guess What Tomorrow Is?

Christmas!  But it's just been way too crazy here so it doesn't even really feel like it at all.  The only thing that makes it seem like Christmas is getting to skype with everyone tomorrow and all the presents that we got from the ward and from all of you guys!  Thank you soo much!  I just wish we had a tree to put them all under instead of piling them all on my desk.  It makes it really hard to study with tons of presents on your desk I can tell you that.  lol  So what's new with all of you?  I don't really know what to say because I get to talk with all of you tomorrow through skype which is super amazing and I'm really excited for!  Unfortunately all the equipment that the old missionaries used was broken so I had to buy everything but it's all worth it!  I can't wait to be able to talk with you all again, I just hope that it works.  lol
We are going over to the Oseki`s house tonight for a Christmas eve dinner and I'm pretty excited!  They invited all 9 of the missionaries in the district over so I hope that they have enough room for all of us.  They are just way too nice!  The members really just love the missionaries a lot and we love them back too.  Japan is just way too cool!  
Well, I'm going to end the email right now so I can finish cooking the rice pudding.  I'm so excited to be able to have some!  It smells way good right now.  I love you and miss you lots!  See you tomorrow!

Love Eric


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