Another Week In Togane!

Another week has come and gone so fast. First of all I'd like to thank my family and Grandma and
Grandpa Stevens for the packages that they sent me for Valentines day.
I really enjoyed them.  So a shout out to all of you.  Second I'd like
to wish everyone a happy Presidents' Day.  I hope that you all have
lots of fun staying home from school and enjoy all of the snow that
you have there, and the central heating. lol  For our Presidents' Day
we sang the national anthem which made our Australian friend not very
happy for some reason.  Then we got in a big debate about the civil
war and Abraham Lincoln.  You know how much I love to talk politics.
lol  Also today we are going to make the trek to Chiba.
The wind was super strong this week.  While riding our bikes on a
really thin road the wind almost blew me off of my bike and into a
flooded rice field.  I almost got to go swimming on my mission!
Unfortunately I caught myself first. lol
We had 3 investigators come to church this Sunday and the ward was
super surprised.  Because of this we got tons of dinner appointments
this week with the members so I don't think we will have to cook our
own dinner for at least a week!  The ward really loves us.  The three
investigators were T..., our super prepared Chinese friend, he is
going to get baptized on the 8th of march, K..., our 18 year old high
school buddy who loves to play baseball and who is supposed to get
baptized on the 22nd or march but now apparently he has a problem with
drinking whiskey so he doesn't want to anymore (don't worry we will keep
working with him), and a 48 year old guy named I... who we found last
Saturday.  He had already gotten a Book of Mormon and read all of it
but he had forgotten about the missionaries.  He is already Protestant
and when we asked him to come to church this Sunday he said no because he
was going to his other church.  But later that night he called us and
told us that he needed to come to church because when he was reading the
Book of Mormon he was overcome by this feeling of peace and so
he knew that he had to come.  He's getting baptized on the 9th of March
if he masters the Bible by then.  That's a big goal! lol
Well that's the lowdown of the week.  Have fun with all the snow and the skunk! (We had a skunk fall into our basement window well and the smell was very strong to say the least).

Eric Stevens


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