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Konnichiwa From Togane

Hi how is everyone doing?  It seems like forever since I was last able
to email you.  Not much has happened since then except that we got
ipads.  They are way cool. It is taking some time to get use to them but they will help with the work.
We had the biggest snowstorm in 20 years here in Togane.  All the
Japanese people were surprised and bought snow tires and chains and
we only got 5 inches of snow.  Now it's interesting to hear cars
coming from a mile away with snow tires on.  The good thing about the
snow storm was that we got to walk around in it for 8 hrs straight,
yay.   On the investigator front, we are
meeting with a lot of people from Chinatown in Togane.  There is an
international school near to where we live and we are having lots of
success with the Chinese people going there.  Unfortunately school
just finished so a lot of them are going home for the break and wont
be back until April so we may have a few down days before they come
back.  The Chinese people are super cool and they speak English too
which makes it way easier to buddy up with them and teach them.  They
invited us to their intermural b-ball games and we are going to play
next Friday.  I'm pretty excited to be able to play sports again.  Well
that about it for this week.  Have fun everyone.
Love, Eric


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