Konnichiwa Minasan!!

Hey, we had a very long week this week.  Elder C... is super cool, and he works really hard.  We seriously had no breaks at all this week and we even had to skip a lot of lunches and dinners cuz we were working so hard.  Hopefully we won't have to do that again cuz I seriously was super hungry all week.  But the work paid off.  We got the most lessons that I have ever seen in a week on my mission this week.  We started off with nothing and we are now leading the zone in lessons taught, baptismal dates, and new investigators.  We have really seen miracles.  Togane is super cool, and warm!  Which is awesome.  The ward is really nice and we have a big long list of people that want to feed us every week.  Oh and good news we get the ipads this Wednesday!  How sweet is that!?  The only downside is that we have to give back our wifi walkers when we get the iPads, so we will have to bike 30 min to the church to be able to use the Internet.  
In other news I got my violin back.  When Sister Budge heard that I played the violin, she had the Niigata elders send it to me so that I could play the violin with Elder C....  We haven't had a chance to play any duets yet but hopefully soon. 
Well that's all the time I have now.  Elder C... wants to do some finding again so we may have to skip dinner again.  lol  Love yah!!


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