Sakura Festival!

Dear Family,
Well it has been another wonderful sunny day in Japan today.  For the
past few weeks the weather has been getting better and better so now I
don't have to wear a jacket or anything.  The only downside of all the
sun is that I'm getting a white shirt collar tan.  It looks pretty
weird. lol  I'm sure the fam will be happy to know that I have started
a diet because I want to start getting in shape.  I'm
not very happy about it but I've sworn off carbs, (mostly bread from
the amazing bread shop in our apartment) and sugar.  That means I can't
eat rice, spaghetti, udon, or yaki soba!  those are like the missionary
staple foods in Japan.  But I bought a lot of vegetables  and tofu so
whenever my companion eats food on rice or any other of the forbidden
foods I just put the food on Tofu.  It's actually not that bad.  You'll
be very proud of me to know that all I had for dinner last night was
vegatables with salsa as dressing.  None of that creamy dressing for me.
lol  I wonder how long I can keep this up because everyone in my
apartment is trying to break me.
Guess what this week was, the sakura festival!  For those of you who
don't know what sakura is, it's the cherry blossoms.  Don't worry I took
a lot of pictures.  We went up with a lot of our Chinese friends, most
of them can't speak English or Japanese which is really hard, but we
had T... there to translate for us.  We got a lot of traditional
Japanese foods like yaki soba, chocolate covered bananas (it's healthy
cuz its bananas right?) and even some non traditional food like curry
flavored french fries.  I guess the curry is Japanese. lol  But the
flowers were so pretty!  Why don't we have those in America!
Speaking of T... he is a total boss!  He is going to baptize one of
our friends named B... in a few weeks! He is inviting so many friends to
church and activities that we can't keep track of them all!  The worst
part is that we can't really speak with them which makes it really
hard to build friendships.  But we are playing lots of bball with them
and ping pong so I think it's going ok.  We seriously need some Chinese
speakers up here.  Andrew hint hint, wink wink, nod nod, cough cough.
lol  We are working really hard with K...this week.  Even since his
parents said no to him about being baptized he has pretty much shut
off. But we will keep in touch with him.
Well I hope that you all have an amazing week!  love you all. Loves,
Eric Stevens
Sakura Festival, Togane, Japan

Chapel in Togane, Japan


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