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Sunny Japan!

Hello everyone!
Once again this is Elder Stevens reporting live from Japan.  And I
have breaking news...I have been asked to be senior companion to my first
Japanese companion and I am also the district leader of the Togane
district!  My new companion Elder Maki, is from a place near
Okinawa and looks pretty gaijin.  His English is pretty good so
whenever I have no idea what is happening he switches back to English.
But I need my Japanese to improve a lot so I try to have him speak
Japanese all the time.  Unfortunately, he wants to get better at
English too so he speaks in English a lot.  There are 8 missionaries in the Togane
district, 4 Elders and 4 Sisters and they are all super amazing!  The
scary thing is that I am older than half of the people in the district
and I'm not even that old!  I've been out for less than a year and I am
one of the older missionaries in the mission.  Wow!  Also its scary
that I have both the zone leaders and the sister training leaders in
my area so it's tons of pressure to be a super amazing district
leader.  I hope I can live up to their expectations.  But working with these wonderful missionaries
is super fun!  I love being able to talk to everyone in the district
and get to know them better.  I call all of them every night and get
to talk to them about how their day went.  It just blows me away the
trust they have in me.  They come to me with all of their worries
concerns and problems and they ask for my help.  I want to help them so
bad!  Especially since we have a brand new 1st transfer missionary in
our district.  She is Japanese and can't speak English at all.  It's hard
to talk to her, but I want her first transfer in the mission to be
Working in the district is a ton of work but so much fun!  You get to worry about
other people so much that you can barely worry about yourself. 
Well, I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter.  Our ward said that
there was going to be an special Easter program at church so we
invited lots of investigators.  And by special they had normal church
and an extra song for us to sing.  A lot of our friends were
disappointed but some really liked it and are coming again next week!
yeah!  So, Ian that was the extent of our Easter.
Well, I gotta go and plan for the district meeting this week.  Love you
all lots and lots! 
Eikaiwa (English Class) in Toke




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