So Little Time...So Much To Do!

This week was way crazy!  We are meeting with a ton of Chinese students and helping them learn English and Japanese for the various tests and stuff that they have for school.  Unfortunately, they are not so interested in learning about the gospel at this time.
T... keeps telling me that it is only a matter of time and when they finish their tests they'll be more
Elder Maki is doing a wonderful job teaching, even when we teach almost everyone in English.  His English is way better than my Japanese.  It's not fair, we need to find more
Japanese people to teach! Tell Andrew that side bags aren't that bad.  But no one in Japan wears
them but us.  Also, we have to wear helmets when
we ride our bikes, and no one, I mean no one, wears helmets
here.  For English class we usually teach in just English and hope
they pick it up by listening.  Probably not the best way to teach English but we are
teaching it for free, and don't have many resources.  But we have a book
that we follow a lot when we teach.  It's pretty easy to teach.  And
just a random note, I haven't sent the kendo sword home yet, I am
waiting to get paid again this week on the 1st of May so that I have
money to send it.  It's terrible not having a steady job that pays
Our district is doing awsome.  We are very busy and have lots to do. Our district
meeting went pretty well last week.  Our district consists of:
Elder Young ZL 15
Elder Pelfrey ZL 5
Elder Maki 3
Elder Stevens DL 6
Sister Tan STL 8
Sister Nakamura STL 9
Sister Snow 7
Sister Yasui 1
ZL stands for zone leader, DL stands for district leader, and STL
stands for sister training leader. And the #s are what transfer we are
on at the moment.  I have a stacked district with all of the leaders.
Tons of pressure!  But they are all way cool and I learn a lot from
them everyday.
We are still waiting to get Facebook.  We are supposed to be getting it soon. 
Make sure you all friend me when I get it!  It's going to be
really weird cuz I didn't have Facebook back in the states so I have no
idea how to use it!
This week I was able to go to the temple with my recent convert and friend
T...  he was the one doing baptisms and I was the witness.  It
is super amazing to see how much T... has progressed in the gospel during the past month.
Who knew it when we knocked on his door that he would be going to the
temple just a month later.  Crazy.  I'm going to miss him when I
transfer.  But this transfer is weird for some reason and we stay here
for 7 weeks instead of 6.  Idk why but not complaining!
Well, I love you all and I miss you tons!  Thanks for the package with
all of the granola bars.  For some reason they don't have those in
Japan.  Thanks again!  I'll talk to you next week!  Love

Eric Stevens

Site Of New Olympic Stadium 2020.  Taken From Train During Trip To Temple

Missionaries In Our Togane District Having Fun Dressing Up In Kimonos
Photo Courtesy of Sister Snow


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