Temple Day!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry to keep you waiting for the weekly Stevens' report this week.  We
had our end of the transfer temple pday today so we had pday on
Tuesday this week.  I'll tell yah, it's so nice living really close to
the temple.  In Togane, we had to wake up very early in the morning to
get there on time for the session.  But this time, we woke up at 6am and
rode our bikes there.  The temple was a soothing experience as always.

After the temple, my companion and our apartment mates, and I went to
the big shopping town of Ikebukuro to visit the Pokemon Center there.
Ever since I arrived in Japan, people have asked me if I have visited the
Pokemon Center yet and I never had.  So we visited it today.  It was pretty
cool, but I didn't get to look that much because I noticed that a young lady
was staring at us, so I just had to talk to her.  It's a good thing
that we did because she had lots of interest in the gospel and we had
a 40 min gospel discussion right there in the Pokemon Center.  Of all
the places to talk about Jesus Christ.  We became Facebook friends and
she says that she wants to meet with the Sister missionaries.  Awesome
miracle!  And to celebrate I bought some real Japanese Pokemon cards.
They were so cheap I just couldn't resist!  I also went to a piano
sheet music store and bought a big piano arrangement book from a really
famous animation company in Japan.  It's seriously like the Japanese
version of Disney in America.  I don't know if any of you know it but it's
called Studio Ghibli.  My companion says that the music is really
pretty so I'm excited to start playing!

On the investigator front, we met with our friend K... last week.
Former missionaries that he has spoken with said he couldn't
get baptized, so we decided to ask him again to be baptized.  And he
said yes!  I was so surprised that I nearly fell out of my seat.  He
said that he felt recently that baptism was a good thing and that he
wants to get it.  We tried to set a date for him in July but he said
that he would need some alone time to pray and think about it, but we
are meeting him again so we will see what happens.  It's just
amazing how the Lord can change someone's heart like that.

Well, I think that is everything for today.  Thanks again for all of
your emails and love!  Hope you have a great week!  Love you!

Eric Stevens


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