Last Transfer

Well the final die has been cast.  I just got my very last transfer
call in Japan.  Elder Faganello will be
transferring to Tsukuba and I will be staying in Senzokuike for my
last transfer and my new companion will be Elder Hardy.  It's really
funny because I was his district leader 3 transfers ago when I was in
Togane with Elder Lee.  He is a really hard worker, so we will be
flying like rockets this transfer!

Oh, and one more thing, do you remember Elder Free my MTC companion?
Well, he will be staying in the same apartment as me for our last
transfer together!!  I was so excited to find out about that!  We are
starting our mission together and ending it together!  I guess we'll
get to see how much we have changed these past 2 years.

Well enough about transfers, let's talk about last week.  It started
out amazing!  We were able to find 2 new investigators right off the
bat. It will be interesting to see how they will progress.  I will keep you posted.

 The music concert went awesome!  I played the songs O Danny Boy, and
the Celtic melody that we used to always play as a family.  I borrowed
a violin from one of our investigators, Kobayashi, so he came to the
concert with us and loved it!  I was really nervous though because
right when I started to tune the violin, the string broke!  So we had
to quickly go buy a new string in the 20 min before the concert
started.  We just barely got back in time to perform. And the best
part of the concert was afterwards we got to bike back to our
apartment in the pouring rain!  And it's like a 40 min ride through
the endless hills of Tokyo.  I'm praying for you Dad and Ian so that
you don't have to do your bike ride in the rain because it's not fun.

Well, I think that's everything for this week.  I'm hoping to have lots
of sweet updates for you next week!  The end has begun!  And it's
going to be a fun ride!  Love you all!

Eric Stevens

Music Concert


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