Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  I hope that everyone had an amazing winter break and that everyone is super excited to start heading back to school and work this next week.  lol  Because of the raucous New Year celebrating in Japan, we did a lot of house cleaning and scripture reading.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish the whole Book of Mormon in a day but I did get to Alma so I'm pretty proud of myself!  Elder Shibuta and I went on splits with one of the transfer 1 missionaries last week and it was super interesting.  He kept asking me for help with Japanese and to my surprise I actually knew the answers to most of his questions!  I can't believe that I have learned so much in such a short amount of time.  But I still feel like I don't know very much so I need to keep working hard to learn more.    
We have our big mission conference at Niigata tomorrow and since we have the apartment closest to the church everyone gets to stay at our apartment tonight.  That's like 15 people in one apartment with only 9 futons, 10 blankets, and no heaters.  This will be super fun!  Luckily I have a sleeping bag so hopefully I will be able to survive the night.  Oh and guess what, we are officially getting our iPads on February 6th.  We are super excited to start using them with our teaching.
Well I wish you all a great week! We have lots to do on our p-day today.  Have fun during this winter season.  Love Eric


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