So after a 5 hour bus trip and a 2 hr train ride I have finally reached Togane, the land of endless rice fields. lol  We have a pretty sweet apartment in a building right next to the station.  My companion is named Elder C... and he is pretty nice.  We have seen some pretty crazy miracles this week.  We started off with zero investigators on Thursday and we have found a new investigator everyday this week!  That's 4 new investigators!  I have no idea how it happened, it just did.  Actually today my companion was playing the flute outside of the station and a guy came up to us and asked us if we could go to his recording studio so he could record him.  We were like yeah but let's meet at the church and teach you a lesson about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ first and he was like no problem.  Who would have known the power of music.  lol Unfortunately I left the violin back in Niigata because I was too lazy to carry it around during transfers so I don't have an instrument to play anymore.  We have also met a lot of people who love to play baseball.  So we have set up a baseball night every Saturday at 2 so that we can play with all of them, and try to teach them afterwards of course.  Actually we have made a really good friend with this guy named K... that we hope to teach soon.  He loves us so much that he texts us non stop!  We try to reply back when we can but since it's all in kanji it's really hard to read it and it takes forever to try to reply to his messages.  Elder C... has made me the official phone holder so I reply to all of the messages and answer the calls and everything so hopefully I'll get good at Japanese soon. 
So fun fact, we have the biggest hill in the mission in our area, and guess what, we get to ride up it every day to get to the biggest town in our area, Toke.  It's really annoying to ride up it but riding down is super sweet!  We probably get up to like 45 mph.  It's so much fun!
Well I hope that you all have a fun time back in the U.S.  Love you lots!
Togane, Japan

Hello Ohio, From Niigata, Japan


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