Next Transfer To Togane-shi!

How is Everyone?
So the big news for the day is that we got transfer calls today and guess what, I am officially leaving my home in Niigata and moving way down south to the rice paddies and strawberry fields of Togane.  Apparently Togane is the 2nd most rural area in the mission so I'm going to have tons of fun conversing with Japanese farmers.  I was talking with my companion Elder Pronk who used to work there and he says that it's a 30 min bike ride to the nearest town and to the church so I'll get in really good shape!  Which is good because I'm gaining more weight.  It's all because of the rice we always eat.  And guess what, they called me as the Senior companion! How crazy is that?!  I feel like I definitely don't know enough Japanese to be the best one at Japanese in my companionship.  And on top of that I am opening up a new area which is crazy!  There is already a Togane A team and we are going to be Togane B team.  We are going to have no investigators or anything when we first get there.  I guess we`ll have tons of time for finding now and we get to start from scratch.  The good news is that Togane is way down south so it's going to be way warmer and there isn't going to be any snow!  And fun fact, Togane is the most eastern part of Japan.  And I guess it isn't so bad because Elder Pronk knew a lot of people down there so he's going to give tons of referrals to work with and apparently we get to go and do fishing dendo a lot. lol  And since we are moving down south that means that we get our iPads sooner because  Niigata is so far away that they were going to wait awhile before making the trek to Niigata.  So yay!  Well besides that there's not really anything else to report on, but it is going to be a busy week.  Sorry I haven't written to everyone in awhile, it's just so crazy busy here especially now with me having to pack and everything.  I'll try to write back soon!  Love you all lots!

Togane, Chiba Prefecture, Japan

City of Togane


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