Still Snowing In Niigata!

How has your week been?  From what I have heard it has been super cold, even colder than it has been here in Niigata!  I feel super bad for all of you because I can barely survive here in 30 degrees!  I'm sure that at least all of you that had exams this week are excited for them to finally be over.
Hm so what's new with me...I got to play a guitar with an amp as I was buying a string for the violin.  And while I was playing the guitar I was able to dendo, do missionary work, with the guitar center rep that was helping me out.  Unfortunately we didn't get another appointment with him so he's technically not a new investigator but we got his # and we are going to visit him today when we go suit shopping.   
Oh also this week I was able to work with a brand new 1st transfer missionary named Elder Smith.  He is super nice and he really has tons of faith and desire.  Even though it was just us in a world full of Japanese people he was determined to find an investigator.  We were at the eki, train station, doing a mitsuketaikai, English class finding, and I stopped a guy who could speak a little bit of English.  Not very much but it was enough for me to stop him by saying hi.  After I stopped him Elder Smith came over and in our broken Japanese and his broken English we started talking to him.  He was pretty cool and he loves snowboarding.  And guess what, his life's dream is to go snowboarding at Salt Lake City, Utah.  How crazy is that? lol  Of course we took that and started explaining about Temple Square and the Mormons and he was pretty interested.  We set up another appointment with him on Wednesday all by ourselves!  It was a super big miracle!  I'm pretty excited to meet up with him again.
It's crazy to believe that I am almost done with my 3rd transfer!  The time has just gone super fast. All of my trainers are going to be leaving for home after the end of next transfer and then I will be all by myself again helping new missionaries.  How fast time flies. Hope you have a great week.
Love, Eric 


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