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Another Amazing Week!

Well Hey everybody!  We just got our transfer calls for the start of
my fifth transfer and guess what, I'm staying in Togane.  Elder Fukino
one of the zone leaders living in our
apartment is moving out to Niigata and elder Cannon is taking his
place.  It's going to be him and elder young and I'm going to be working
with someone named Elder Griffen or Griffith I can't reallly remember.
Apparently he's really cool and everyone says he's just like me a lot.
He is a transfer 6 one above me so hopefully his Japanese is really good.
I'm sad that Elder Fukino is leaving though.  He was my favorite
missionary that I have met so far.  He's from Hawaii and he's the
chillest guy I have ever met.  We went on splits this week and it was
the best day that I have ever had on my mission.  I'm sad to see him
Well as you may have seen from the pictures that I just sent, we had a
baptism yesterday.  Remember T..., the Chinese person I was talking
about earlier?  Well he asked me to baptize him so we did it yesterday
after church.  He's super awesome and he wrote us a really cool email
that I want to share with you...

Elders Stevens and Cannon I'm really thankful for all your did these
days.  Baptism is very very cool.When the moment my whole body was in
the water, time seemed to have stopped and I can tell that I felt the
holy ghost deeply.  I am also grateful for the the people who came to my
baptism today.  I am now knowing it better that the deeper I believe in
Christ, the happier I will be. And by the way, I am free on Tuesday,
Friday or other days in day time.  I will continue with the Book of Mormon
and please get ready for answering my questions.

Isn't his English really good?  We are meeting with him tomorrow to
have lunch at his restaurant and I'm pretty excited.  Since Elder
Cannon and I split up we are going to have to fight over our golden
investigator Kyle.  He is also Chinese and he is going to get baptized
on March 23.  I think I'm going to teach him more because I taught him a
lot even when Elder Cannon was gone, so we will see what happens.
Elder Cannon says we should arm wrestle over him but I think we should
just talk it out because he's a little buffer than me. lol

Well I hope you liked the update.  Love you all and miss you lots.

Eric Stevens
6 Inches Of Snow.  Most In 45 Years.  Togane, Japan

Former Companions In Niiagata, Japan


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