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Spring Is Coming To Togane!

This week was pretty fancy.  We had transfers and I am now working
with a guy named elder Griffiths.  He's quiet but
whenever he says something it's pretty deep.  Good for lessons.  K... doing
very well. He has his baptismal interview on Wednesday and  he
should do just fine.  It's pretty awesome and he is even teaching
me how to free style dance.  I'm improving but I'm still not very good
yet.  He's just such a great guy and we hang out with him every day for
like 8 hrs.  He even does dendo stuff with us.  He considers himself
the key to the progression of the Chinese branch that we are trying to
make here.  He's just a fun guy to be with.  Well yesterday I asked him
why he wanted to be baptized and this is what he said, tell me if you
think this is a good reason to be baptized, "I'm curious.  In China we
never had anything like this and I'm like a kid who wants to learn more
about things I don't know.  I want to learn and to continue to progress
now and through eternity and I think that baptism will help me to
learn more about why you want to be out here helping tons of people
all the time. Because I could never do that."  Interesting right?  I like
the part about progressing eternally but I'm not sure that the
curiosity is the best reason.  I'm trying to  think if we should push
the baptism off a little more to cover more stuff about baptism being
a life long commitment.  We'll see what happens.
T... got the Holy Ghost yesterday during sacrament meeting.
Afterwards he asked me if he could borrow my white handbook so that he
could learn all of the missionary rules and prepare to serve his own
mission.  I think he's going to be the first missionary to go to china
when it opens up.  You know something crazy, there are only like 10
church meeting places in China and one of them is in Toby's home town.
What are the chances of that?   I'm glad that I got to
help someone like T...  Loves and misses.


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