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Ok so you know our friend A..., he bought me a $100 kendo
sword the other day and gave it to me as a present.  Isn't that crazy!
And then I felt really bad because the next day he came up to me and
said that he was super poor.  But don't worry I
bought him $100 worth of groceries and left them on his door so
hopefully he will have food.  The kendo
sword is super sweet and now nobody can mess with me because I am protected. lol
So I don't know if all of you have heard the update on K..., but his parents
said that he couldn't be baptized.  It's super sad and now he is really
discouraged and sad.  He has really changed the past few days after
the phone call and I hope that he's doing ok.  We are meeting with him
later this week so hopefully we can help him out.
In other news, T... is doing super well.  He helps us teach so many
Chinese people that we are finding everyday and he does awesome.  He
considers them all his marshmallows, (long story) and he is determined
to baptize all of them.  Actually right now we were supposed to meet
with him to play capture the flag with some friends and he ditched us
to hang out with one of the girl investigators.  Whatever happened
to brothers before female investigators? lol
Love yah! Until next week.

Eric Stevens


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