Funny Story

Dear Family,
So guess what I just did, I spent over $80 on buying emergency water
for the future earthquake that may strike us.  The worst
part is, that it was only 20 L of water.  You can buy 20 L of milk for
$20 so you know it's sad when water costs more money than milk.  Sorry
about my rant right there but I hate to spend too much money,
especially in Japan when you can't really haggle the price.  And I just
spent the last of my missionary funds so I have no money for the rest
of the month.  Which is really bad cuz we have to take a train to
Narita tomorrow for a big meeting and it costs like $10 to get there.
I may have to take money out of personal funds to make it through the
Now to the funny part.  Remember how I was just complaining about how much money it was to buy
20 L of water, well it turns out that that wasn't really water.  It was
vodka.  So now the alcohol is sitting on the kitchen table of our
apartment and since the zone leaders aren't here we are wondering if we
should start the party without them or if we should return the alcohol
to the store.  I didn't even get IDed or anything.  Just imagine what
would have happened to the Elders in this apartment when an earthquake
struck and they went into the closet to get some water and they
couldn't read kanji just like we couldn't...  the thought makes me
really laugh. lol  And the worst part is I just sent in a
reimbursement to the president with a picture of the receipt so I
could get all my money back.  I wonder what he is going to do when he
sees what I bought.  Well everyone that's it for my interesting thing
of the day. 
Oh before I forget, Andrew congrats on the mission call to Taiwan!  That sounds like so
much fun.  I told all of my Chinese friends and they are so happy that
an American is going to learn Chinese.  They say Chinese is way harder
than Japanese so good luck!  I told them that when you got back that
you could translate for all of us because they always talk in Chinese
to each other and we have no idea what they are saying until they
switch to English or Japanese.  So no more secrets will be kept from
us now. lol
Hopefully this week will shape up a
little bit so we can meet with a lot of new people.
On a good note, T... brought one of his friends with him to church
yesterday and he's really cool.  Well I think he is...I can't really
talk to him because he doesn't speak English of Japanese, only Chinese.
I told President that we need some Chinese missionaries here because
college starts here in a few weeks and tons of Chinese people will be
coming for school.  T... and K... are really excited to bring all of
their friends to church and all the sports activities that we have
every week.  But the thing is we can't really talk to them because we
can't speak Chinese.  In our last lesson with T... friend we had to
teach in English and have T... translate for us.  I think that we need
to have Andrew come up here and help us out with all of the Chinese
people here.
Hm so also this week we are going to an retirement home to play the
violin and the flute for everyone there.  It sounds like lots of fun
and I'm pretty excited to be able to play the violin again.  Its been
awhile.  We are going to play that Star of the County Down for
everyone.  I loved that song so much that I taught it to elder cannon
and we are going to do a duet version of it.  Should be pretty good.
Have a wonderful week.
Love, Eric Stevens

This Is Not Water!


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