From Me To You!

Hello everyone and Happy Cinco De Mayo!  Or as they say in Japan
Golden week.  All of the college students at the university by us are
on break so we thought we would be able to find lots of people at the
beach by us, but it's raining super hard right now and
it's supposed to rain for the next few days or so.  What a bummer!
Well, as I'm sure you all heard we had a pretty big earthquake this
morning.  W
akened at 5:18am from an amazing dream that was about Andrew being
transferred to Japan so that we could work together, I felt the whole
apartment shaking and stuff falling off the tables and shelves.  We
are on the 12th floor of the apartment where we live so it seemed
really big from up there!  But I was so tired that the rocking of the
earth didn't scare me at all, it just made me go back to sleep.  But
afterwards we had to clean up all the mess.  Apparently the earthquake
was centered in Tokyo and since we were in Chiba we didn't get it as
bad as them.  But yeah that was the first big earthquake that I have
felt here.  They have had lots more since I've been here but I was in
Niigata so I didn't feel them at all.  It's pretty exciting.
Thanks for all of the object lesson ideas.  I do remember the nail one
and we are using it tonight with our friend C...  We are relating it
to having faith because he just has so many questions about the plan
of salvation that we can't answer because we just don't know.  Also do
you know if there is a medical reason for not using tea or coffee in the
word of wisdom?  I think I remember dad trying to tell me something
but I can't remember.  He also has lots of questions about that too.
The Togane district was able to set a record for people who
attended church this week.  We had 17 visitors come and that has never happened
before!  We had so many come that we all got an email from President
congratulating us on our faithful service in bringing others to Christ.  Our district is super amazing!
My companion is pretty amazing by the way.  He works so hard even
though most of our investigators are Chinese and they only speak
English and no Japanese.  Even with that he always tries so hard to
teach them in his English.
Just to end I think I am either getting allergies or asthma because
every time I ride through the rice fields I start coughing and
sneezing like crazy!  It's way annoying!
Well I love you all lots and lots!  Have an amazing week. Have a Happy
Mother's Day!

Eric Stevens
PS  This week we had an undo Kai where we pretty much had a mini olympics
with all the wards in our stake.  Our ward received 1st place so we got a
trophy! Elder Maki and I killed it on the 3 legged run!  Good
companionship unity right there.
Chiba Zone

Togane Ward

Springtime In Arisugawa Park Near Tokyo Temple
Home! Togane, Japan


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