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Temple Day

Hello everyone and guess what day was today, temple P-day. Yeah! I love
Temple P-days but unfortunately whenever we have them we never have
time to write very many emails or do anything else. So this is going
to be a very short email gomen. (sorry in Japanese).  So nothing
really interesting is happening this week except for the Skype call.
Which was pretty amazing. I love my family and my grandparents.
I love all you so much and an hour
seriously was not long enough to talk to everyone. I will be sending
you the picture that I took on the Skype session and some other cool
ones that I have.  Guess what I just found out.  I can type my emails to you using Siri.
That means I can write a longer email to you now because it takes less
time. I'm sure you are all very super excited to hear more of what I have
to say.
But back to the ranch and more about Japan. We have not had very many
interesting stories this week. Especially none of the type of people
stealing mail.  We received some information the other
day that we will definitely be moving to a new apartment soon. I don't
know if this is going to happen this transfer or not, but I'm a little
worried that I will not be able to see our new apartment because I've
been here for a long time and I may transfer out. Transfer calls are
coming up soon on 2 June and this transfer was even longer than
normal. Usually transfers are six weeks but this one is seven because
of our special event happening this weekend. And this transfer is gone
by really fast already.
Okay I have a question for all of you. Normally when you're talking to
people like your friends do you use the word "way" a lot? For example
that's way cool, or that's way awesome, or that's way good like that.
Because I don't remember saying it all back home. But recently I've
caught myself saying way all the time. I don't know if this is because
I'm learning some new Japanese English slang, or if it's just
missionary lingo. I've been trying to stop using the word way too much.
Because I don't want to sound weird when I get back! That was
my random English question of the day. If you have any random Japanese
questions the day please let me know because Elder Maki would be happy
to help you.
To answer grandma Stevens question about the song that we are singing
it was called "I Will Find You My Friend", by Linda k. Hartmann.  It
is a really good song and that would be amazing if Steven could
arrange another version of it.  It is about missionary work of course.
About the letters, I actually did receive one of them. The one with the
object lessons. I still have yet to receive the one that you said had
Alexa's and Ian's letters in it. I can't wait until we get to our new apartment
where hopefully we have more privacy with our mail.
Thanks for all the object lessons though. I've been able to use them a
lot with our Chinese investigators. I think they really appreciate the
effort that we put into the lesson so that they have something they
can relate to.  Also unfortunately I was unable to use the comparison
to the baptismal font this week during district meaning because we ran
out of time. But don't worry I'm going to use it next week when I
have another district meeting. I think it will really help our
district to focus on what's important about baptisms.
So about Chinese night.  The food was really amazing but I didn't
really get to eat much of it. They started cooking at around 6 o'clock
even though we had assigned them to start cooking at 4:30 and they
didn't finish cooking until 9 o'clock when we had to be home at our apartment,
so we had to rush everyone out of the kitchen clean it quickly and shoveled the
food down as fast as we could and rush back to our apartment. I think
T... was a little offended that we had to kick everyone out so
fast.  I feel terrible for everyone spending so much
time cooking and having to leave so quickly. But
we sent everyone thank you cards and they all said it's okay. They
even came to church last Sunday. So, unfortunately that is all the time that I have to write emails.
:(  the time always goes by so fast!  I just want to let you know that
I miss all of you and I can't wait to be able to email you
again next week.  Have a great week and I will see you then!

love from

Eric Stevens
Mother's Day



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