Interesting Week...

Wow this week was crazy! First of all it was the big week before the
big Sunday challenge, which meant that we were working as hard as we
could to get everyone of our friends to church. We had a goal to get
32 people there but we were only able to get 11. It was a big let
down and the whole district is pretty discouraged right now. So now
we need to get everyone back into the game for the next big Sunday
challenge on the 1st of June. I'm going to try to make the next
district meeting extra special. To answer moms questions we usually
have district meetings once a week but whenever there is another
meeting like zone meeting or a big mission conference I don't have to
do one.  So far I have done 2 of them and my 3rd one is this Wednesday.
Thanks for the article about what is bad about coffee and tea dad. I'm
going to show it to my friend C...the next time I see him. If you
look at the big picture of everyone he is the person standing next to
me on the right. He is also the one in the picture with me T... and
Elder Griffiths at the Sakura festival by the lake. The picture of
everyone was our first ever Chinese night in Tokyo! That's why there
are lots of pictures of Tokyo as well. We went up with a lot of our
Chinese friends and they pretty much had a church service in Chinese
which meant I had no idea what was happening the whole time. All my
friends said they had a great time and because they loved it so much
they invited me and Elder Maki to a Chinese dinner night that they are
having this Thursday with real Chinese food. Not any of that American
Chinese food. When i asked them if they were going to make us Orange
or Lemon chicken they laughed at me and asked me what I was talking
about. I told them that that was Chinese food and they laughed at me
again and told me they were going to make dumpling instead cuz in
China they don't eat orange or lemon chicken. :( The only thing that
the Chinese people didn't like last night was the root beer. They said
that it tasted like cough syrup back in China! And they didn't like
it! I was so surprised and I told them that I want to move to China if
their medicine tastes like root beer.
Speaking of tomorrow I am so excited to Skye you tomorrow! I made a
big note in my calendar with lots of colorful drawings and everything!
It has been way too long since I have seen all of your pretty faces!
I even miss Ian's face! ;) I have lots of stories to tell so i will
try not to take up too much time and make sure that you have stories
for me too!
Lastly I would like to congratulate Andrew for his successful prom
night! I was thinking about you the whole time during church and how
fun it was going to be for you! (that's probably why we could only
bring 3 people to church lol.) I loved the pictures man! Wish I could have
been there to play pool with you guys. I miss pool a lot and i bet I'm
going to be really bad when I get back. I can't believe you haven't had
any parties or anything since I left. I guess I was the party animal
one. lol Well I'm glad you had fun and I expect stories tomorrow.
Well everyone as always its been a pleasure being able to email you
this week. I love you lots and I can't wait to see everyone tomorrow.
Love you

Eric Stevens

ps mom can you send me a recipe for a peanut butter smoothie?

Chinese Friends

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Tower, Tokyo, Japan


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