Week Seven!

This is the 7th week of the transfer.  Why is this weird?  Well
because there are usually only 6!  But we had a very special visit
from our wonderful friend and leader Elder Quintin L.Cook from the 12 apostles
so it changed our transfer schedule.  But I don't mind because
the conference was super amazing!  We went up to Kichijoji, which is
in the other mission but was in my first area and we met with all the
missionaries from the south mission as well.  I was privileged to sing
as part of a 17 person choir for the conference.  It sounded really
awesome and we got compliments from everyone.  Even Elder Cook's wife who
is a professional musician. The meeting was too short though.  It
seemed like right as he stood up to talk he was finishing.  It was
really sad and I wish that he could have stayed even longer.  But I
learned a lot about preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to God's children here in Japan.
Thanks for all of the pictures.  Everything looks so pretty even the
new pagoda.  What did you do with the old one?  Did you get the
Mother's Day card that I sent you yet?  I thought you would like the
post card so I had to get it.  Andrew be looking out for a card for
your graduation this year.  It should be coming soon.  Unfortunately I
have not received any of the birthday packages in the mail yet so I
will be waiting for them with lots of anticipation.
So some news...we are officially moving apartments on the 2nd week of
June.  So my birthday week.  Idk if I'll still be here for it
because we have transfer calls next week and I may be leaving!  I've
already been here for 4.5 months so its only a matter of time.  I hope
that I stay. Togane is doing amazing right now and I don't want
to miss any of it.  We had 11 people come to church again this week, which is wonderful. 
Since our district is having great success,
I told our mission president that none of us should be allowed to
leave this transfer so we can have the same district next month.
Idk if The Lord is going to do that or not.  I will leave it in His hands.
To answer your question mom, the pant hangers that you gave me are
working just fine.  I think that they are really nice because they
take up not very much space in the bags and they are just all around
As you can see from our church count this week we are doing pretty
well with our investigators.  We had 4 of them with us this week,
K..., C..., Y..., and R....  Three of them are Chinese of course.  We just
have so many Chinese friends.  T... is doing super awesome and he
keeps inviting all of his friends to come to church.  His
friends are taking the lessons really well right now, I think mostly
because we are such good friends with all of them, and T... is helping
the whole way.  He was called as a ward missionary last week and he is
taking the assignment really seriously.  He even gave a talk last
week in sacrament meeting. 
We are also meeting with a guy named W....  Elder Cannon and I
met him when we first came to Togane and he finally started
progressing.  He has started reading the Book of Mormon everyday and
he prays all the time. 
Well we just finished having our zone pday.  We went bowling with
everyone and it was really fun. I didn't do very well because I
haven't played in awhile, but I broke 100 both times we played.  I got
108 and 132 so hopefully I will be able to do better the next time I
go bowling.  While I was bowling I realized how much I really
miss it.  And now our pday is almost gone again.  They go by so fast!
We are going to meet with our friends T... and C... tonight and teach
them more about the Book of Mormon.  It's really hard for them to read
it because the Chinese is really hard.  They say that they understand
all of the Chinese but the words are all jumbled up so they can't read
it.  Good luck Andrew.  They are thinking of making a new translation
for the Chinese Book of Mormon so hopefully that will come out
Well once again it is time for me to end my email.  I wish you all a
good week and I can't wait to hear from you all again next week.  Don't
forget to update me on the world news and on the World Cup!  Love you
so much!

Eric Stevens

Bowling With My Zone Companions


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