Monday, June 23, 2014


Sorry, just practicing my Japanese typing because I haven't had to do it
in a long time since I've been in Tokyo. My Japanese is slowly
slipping away! Oh no!!!!!!!!!   We had a pretty great week.  A lot of the people that we are trying
to meet have just been in the hospital which is really weird. We are going to try to
visit them there soon.
We have done lots of train dendo! Since we are now in the rainy season of the year
we have been very creative in how we find people. Instead of just
streeting, we ride trains and dendo in barber
shops so we don't get wet and so people aren't running away from us, and
the rain, when we talk with them. And what do you know it, densha
dendo is awesome! Train dendo to use English. But speaking of rainy
season, I thought we had it bad in Japan but I was looking at the
weather for Taipei since Andrew is going there soon and they are
getting way more rain than we are so good luck Andrew! Try some train
dendo when you are too soaked to walk any more.
Teaching English class here in the big city is so much more fun than
doing it in Togane. Seriously, in Tokyo we have like 50 people of
all different age groups and English levels. I teach the intermediate
class which means I mostly talk in English. Every class I always draw
a big American flag picture with a sign that says "Welcome to America"
on it. Our only rule in the class is no speaking Japanese. They love
how strict I am. Lol
You know what is really annoying? My keyboard just broke last week
randomly so the only thing that I can use right now is the iPad
keyboard that doesn't work very well. Idk how the keyboard even broke.
Just randomly half of the keys just stopped working. So if there are
a lot of mistakes it's because of auto correct so don't blame my bad
English ok?
Only 5 more days until we get Facebook. It's totally not fair because
we are the last zone in the mission to get it. But I guess that gives you more time
to set it up. Pretty much the way we use it is we friend all of our
investigators and all of our friends that we have made in Japan and
everywhere and just teach lessons through it and try to set up
appointments with it. It's going to be way easier than with phones
because everyone loves Facebook and is on it checking it everyday. A
lot more effective. We are allowed to be on it for an hour a day, we
actually are strongly suggested to use it everyday.
Woo about the World Cup...a lot of people are really sad about Japan
not doing so well with their games. I hear everyone talk about it all
the time. I guess it's not as big as with Brazil but people still get
fired up. Most people here spend their evenings now watching the
games at the bars and drinking. In our area we have a big strip of
stores that is really famous. It's called 六本木 (Roppongi-which means six trees) and it is full
of foreigners so we go there all the time to find and visit with people. But unfortunately
it is also filled with bars and strip clubs so we are not allowed
there after 6pm unless we have an appointment to teach a lesson.  I've been there after 6pm
for an appointment and I can tell you, it's really sketchy. We
actually have lots of places in our area that we can't go to because
they just aren't great places to be. I never thought they would have
places like that in Japan.
Well since I don't have a keyboard anymore it is extremely hard to type
so I will end now. I love and miss you all and I can't wait to see
you all soon and hear from you again next week. Thanks for everything
that you do and thank you grandma Kaldahl for the wonderful package.
I use the the dried fruit for my oatmeal
everyday! Love you!

Eric Stevens

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