Togane Visit

Hey everybody!

How's it all going?  We have been keeping really busy recently.
Actually this week I have taught the most lessons that I have ever
taught on my mission so far.  Elder Tu'ua and I have been working really hard
and we have seen the fruits of our labor in Tokyo.  Tokyo's a great
place but would you believe it, I went back to Togane yesterday.  But
don't worry I came back to Tokyo again.
The reason I went back to Togane is because an investigator that
I was working with was baptized yesterday and she really wanted me to
come and see it.  So after a 2 hr train ride and $26 we arrived in my
old area.  She was so excited to see me that she forgot all
about the mission rules and tried to give me a big hug, but me being the
obedient missionary that I am, turned it into a handshake very
smoothly. Lol. Funny story, elder maki and I found her and talked to
her awhile about the church but she said that she wasn't interested so
we left.  But the next day the sisters found her again and she said
that she had felt terrible for rejecting us and she wanted to learn
more but she was just scared because we were elders instead of
sisters.  I never thought that would be a concern but yeah. And I
probably will be visiting Togane again soon because many of the
people I was working with are getting close to baptism.  It's so
exciting to see all of these things happening.  I wish I could still
be in Togane to see them all first hand.
My 20 bday was pretty fancy, we actually had so many lessons and stuff
I almost forgot about it cuz we were so busy.  But at night we made
some fancy food and sang happy bday while I opened all of my presents.
Thanks everyone for everything.  I started using the exercise bands
and they're pretty awesome not ganna lie.  Thanks!  I am still waiting
for the package from grandma Kaldahl but I'll keep my eyes open for
Andrew and dad in the Caribbean?  No fair!  I guess I'm not the only
one on an island right now.  Make sure you try how to surf Andrew, it
looks pretty sweet!  And you better buy me a souvenir because I got you
all of those quick silver shirts last time.  Yeah Hawaii was a great
time dad.  Thanks for that it seems like yesterday to me too. Its cool
to know you are keeping up the tradition.
Thanks for all of the updates on the World Cup.  I heard that Japan
lost yesterday when we had dinner at a Japanese members house.  He
seemed pretty upset about it.  I hope the USA can pull through with
Ghana.  I have lots of investigators from Ghana though so idk what is
better. Lol
Well I have to roll out now.  No rest even on pdays. Lol  Have an
amazing week  and I look forward to hearing from everyone again next
week!  Love you all!

Eric Stevens

Ps dad happy Father's Day!  You thought I forgot didn't you.  Well I
didn't so thank you so much for all of the wonderful things that you
did for me throughout my whole life.  I really appreciate it and I
love you so much.  Enjoy your special day!  I totally wish we could
skype for Father's Day too.

Pps congrats Ian on winning in the IM swim event , you are a real man now!

Big "20"


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