So first of all I want to tell my dear brother Andrew something.
Guess what I just found out, missionaries in Taiwan have Facebook! I
can't believe it.  I thought Japan was supposed to be the first mission
outside the U.S. to have Facebook. It's not fair!  But I guess this
means that when we start teaching more Chinese people you can
Skype in and help us out through Facebook video chat, so make sure you
have really, really good Chinese in the next few months. I'm just
telling you this now so you can prepare for this big responsibility by
making a Facebook page now. So make sure you make it really good with lots
and lots of pictures that don't include you and just a girl so that
other people can see you before your mission. Facebook is pretty sweet. At
first I was a little worried that Facebook would be very distracting
for me because I've never used it before. But never using it before
really helps me a lot because I don't know exactly what I can do.  Therefore,
I've been spending a lot of time learning about it.
I don't think I've been wasting much time on Facebook because I still
have no idea what's happening. Thank you everyone for liking and
commenting on my page it really just makes me feel special inside when
someone "likes" the picture that I have posted. Maybe this is what makes
Facebook so addicting for some people.
But guess what. This Sunday we had some very, very special
speakers speak to us in the Tokyo first ward. The speakers were the
former president and president's wife of the Sapporo Mission.  I
didn't know them very well, but as soon as they found out that my last
name was Stevens they're asking me if I am from Ohio.
Apparently they know uncle Alan and aunt Denyse very, very well and they
went to the same church together. I also met a really cool guy named Jamie
T... who apparently went to high school with Geoff Stevens and even
played golf together sometimes.  We are now friends on
Facebook.  Facebook is so useful!
But that wasn't the only miracle that happens this Sunday for church.
We had four people plan to come to church this week but none of them
came at all.  This made us really, really sad but Heavenly Father like
he always does made up for everything. Out of nowhere we had
four nonmember referrals and a new investigator come to church.  One of
them was Jamie T... one of them was a prince from Ghana whose name is
M... ,one was a person from Taiwan, and one from Japan
just came to church.  It was such a crazy day yesterday that we didn't
even have time to eat breakfast or lunch. I love those days when you
don't have any downtime but you're always working.
We are all looking forward to having amazing beautiful
miracles again this week. We are starting off with a lesson already
today starting in about 20 minutes so I'm going to have to cut this
email short but it's with a really cool guy named T...  I remember
his name because it's pronounced su casa like in Spanish.  He is
Japanese but he speaks amazing English and his main dream in life is
to be a professional beer brewer.  Don't worry we haven't taught him the
word of wisdom yet, we will get to that later.  But we are doing a
lesson about building his faith on a firm foundation like a rock.
Which is Jesus Christ and his teachings of course.  Should be a fun
lesson that includes sand, rocks, little people figures, two big
containers, and lots of water.  I'll let you guess what happens for
the lesson.
Well have a great week.  I love you all very much!  Thanks for all of
your love and prayers!  I will talk to you soonish.

Love you tons!

Eric Stevens

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