Adventure To Togane!

Good afternoon everyone,
It is a beautiful day and I am reporting live from Tokyo, Japan. I
successfully made it back from Togane and am now in my home area. Well
Togane is technically my area because my close friends live there, but it's good to
be back in the huge city of Tokyo. I'm sure you're all dying to hear about
my adventure to Togane so I'll start with that. When we arrived in Togane, we
quickly went to our friend T... house because it has been difficult for him
to attend church. We went to his house and he met with us, and we had a
very wonderful half hour long discussion about lots of random
stuff. At first the discussion was awkward, but then we talked about the gospel
and I'm telling you we had the most spiritual experience I've
ever felt in my life. We shared a lot of our personal experiences with
each other including experiences Elder Cannon and I had while T... was
preparing to be baptized. We also talked about how he helped us through
our own conversion stories. Seriously by the end of it, pretty much
everyone was crying especially Elder Cannon and T... Because I'm a real
man I only cried a little, but it was a really amazing experience.
After these exchanges, we told T... that he is such an important member of
the Togane Ward family. We had to leave quickly so we asked him to continue to
study and pray with the Togane missionaries. After meeting with other friends
like K..., W... C..., M..., and K..., we left early the next morning
to go back to a big meeting that we had.  But today while I was
walking through a Japanese shrine I got a call from the Togane missionaries
and they told me that T... is able to come to church and other church activities.
What a crazy miracle! I'm so happy for him.
So this week is also going to be super amazing!  We have two baptisms
coming up this weekend.  They aren't people that I was working with
very closely, but since I am the district leader I get to do their
baptism interviews this week.  I'm pretty excited because they will be
in English.  Should be great!  Also, they have asked me to bestow the
gift of the Holy Ghost, and to play the piano for a special musical
number that they are going to be singing at the baptismal service.  It's all very
exciting.  I just wish that it was also M... being baptized as well.
We still don't have contact with him.  I really miss him.
It's crazy to hear about everything that is going on back home.  I can't
believe that everyone is on vacation right now or not even at home.  I
hope that everyone is having lots of fun and being safe.
Well I love you all and I hope that you have another great week!  Love yah
Eric Stevens
Meiji Shrine


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