Hot New World!

I didn't know what heat and humidity were until recently this week.  It
has been 35 C here and 100% humidity for the past week.  Not very fun
for wearing church clothes around everywhere.  I feel bad for anyone
who works in missions more south than me.  What doesn't help is that
our AC doesn't work that well either.  We have two AC units but when we
turn both of them on we have to turn everything else off or else the
power shuts off.  Which is nice for the night time but any other time
we either have to be in the dark or the heat.  I guess I shouldn't be
complaining too much.  At least I get to eat lots of American food now
that I am in the English area.
Speaking of weather, we had some weird weather this week.
Unfortunately the typhoon happened during the night so I slept right
through the whole thing!  Too bad I wanted to see it!  Also the
earthquake happened at 4:00 in the morning so I didn't feel it.  We
have alarms on our phones that go off whenever there is an earthquake
and so the alarm woke me up with its crazy loud noises but I still
didn't feel it.  Lots of people the next day said that they felt it so
I cant believe that I missed it!  I hope another one happens soon! jk
But yes, I survived the earthquake and the typhoon.
We had another great week.  We are really working hard with M...
right now so that he can make his date.  They recently changed the
missionary guidelines so now we have to teach him another chapter in
Preach My Gospel before he can be baptized.  He is completely ready for baptism
and everything but we may have to push the date back because of the
changes.  He is having a big interview with
the Japanese embassy today to get a permanent visa so that he can stay
in Japan.  I hope that it goes well.  He said that he is going to call
us when he finds out what happened.
We also had another friend come to church this week.  I kid you not,
his name is n4.  What a sweet name!  My companion actually met him
in his old area.  He's a sweet guy from the Cameroon.  So many miracles!
So about my new companion.  He is from Texas, went to the naval
academy and has a dream to be enlisted in the marines as an infantry
officer.  He is super strong and he is not letting me get off easy
with the exercises in the mornings.  We run every other day and then
do intense marine  exercises the rest of the days.  Our only off days
are Sundays and the days that we have lessons at 7 in the morning. Very intense!
So in other news, I have just asked one of my roomates to help me
in the work of being district leader.  We have a really big district already and
what makes things harder is that some of the district goes to another
church in the area so I never really see them except for English class
and district meetings.  So I asked Elder Chugg who is also in the
other church to sorta be my eyes over there and tell me how things are
going.  Elder Chugg is more than happy to help.
Well everyone, it's that time again for me to say good bye.  I love
all of you and I miss you a ton!  Have a great week.
Have a fun vacation to Michigan everyone!

Eric Stevens

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