Have a Great Mission!

I just wanted to start off this email by saying, "Have a great mission Andrew."
Have lots of fun and be looking for a
letter from me because I sent you one last Monday so it should be
there by now.  I hope you get it because I didn't know what unit you
were in, but it should get to the MTC. 
Things are going not to shabbily at the moment.  Unfortunately we have
not been meeting with our prince friend. The last thing we heard from him was that his
lawyer back in Ghana called him and told him that he couldn't get
baptized into a Christian church because he was a prince.  I found
out more about his situation, and it seems like he is a prince of a tribe up in
northern Ghana whose tribe has pretty much been wiped out by the other
tribes.  I think that his lawyer may be right about becoming Christian
because northern Ghana is unfriendly to Christians.  The Church
doesn't have any churches or missions in northern Ghana so IDK what we should do
to help him.  It's really sad though.  Why can't everyone just be
tolerant of other people's decisions?!
Some good news, we are working with a Japanese guy named T... who is
doing really well right now.  There is one little snag.  His whole life goal
is to become a beer brewer.  He is actually studying English right now
so that he can learn enough to move to Belgium to learn how to make
Belgium beer in Belgium.  That makes sense right?  We still need to
teach him the word of wisdom so I will let you know how that goes when
we teach it.
You know what's weird?  I think I may not like American candy now.  Or
at least, my body isn't used to it anymore.  For the past few days,
whenever I eat peanut butter it tastes really good but I get a head
ache.  Also, I had some cake at a member's house and I just felt sick!
I think it's because I'm not used to all of the sugar anymore.  I'm
turning Japanese! Gasp!
Ok, well I'm going to roll out now.  I just want to let you know that I
love you all!  Have an amazing week and Andrew, have a great two
years!  It's crazy to think that I've already been out for a full year
and that you are leaving in 2 days.  Time flies! It really does.
Love yah!

Eric Stevens
Apartment In Tokyo


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