An Old Missionary...

Hello everybody!

Guess what, this is the last week of another transfer!  So next week,
I will officially be labeled, an old missionary. Lol They say after
you finish your 10th transfer, that you know what your doing but I'm
not sure about that.  It's been a fast fun transfer and I'm looking
forward to one more week with Elder Scoville.  But I think this ones
going to go by really fast as well...

We just got back from the temple today and it was really fun.  They
accidentally started the session in the Japanese version, so the first little
bit was in Japanese!  I felt really cool because I understood the
whole thing!  I think for my last transfer, I'm going to try to do the
session all in Japanese instead of English.  That's my language goal that
I'm working on right now.  After the temple, we went to Wendy's like we
used to do back home, well except everything was a lot more expensive.
It was really good and brought back lots of memories of home, but also
of when I was in the Frist Ward teaching lots of lessons at Wendy's
every night to our friends in Roppongi.  Good times.

Remember how my companion was sick last week, well just like all good
companions, he decided to share with me and I was sick this week for a
few days.  The thing is, we were so busy with splits, lessons, and
even a baptismal interview, that I didn't have any time to take off.  I
just had to man up, wear a fancy Japanese sickness mask, and get to
work.  We had tons of stuff so I just couldn't stop.  It was lots of
fun though.

Last week, we had splits everyday.  From Monday to Tuesday we were on
splits with the district leaders in the Tsukuba area.  From Wednesday to
Thursday, I was on splits with the district leaders companion in Mito.
And then from Thursday evening to Friday evening, we went on splits
with the assistant to the president and he helped us get our zone more
aligned with the Christmas goal from President Budge.  So Elder
Scoville and I barely saw each other this week. Let's just say that I
was glad to finally see him on Friday night when we went to meet with
the Stake President in Matsudo.  The stake president was really
excited to hear about our Christmas goals and he is going
to talk about it during the stake conference coming up next month.
It'll be awesome to get the ward members involved because then we will
be able to see tons more success!  There are just so many great
things going on right now in our zone!

Speaking of great things, Elder Scoville and I were able to finally
get our friend Y... to come to church last week.  We have been meeting him for
a few weeks now and he loves to visit with us a lot, but he has just been really busy
these past few weeks.  But he came and he loved it!  He stayed the whole
time, and then we taught him a wonderful lesson on the Restoration and gave
him a Book of Mormon.  He committed himself to read it everyday to see
if it is true.  Next time we meet with him we are going to try to set a
baptismal date with him.  We are meeting him on Friday right before
our ward Halloween party.  It's going to be so exciting!  Sharing the gospel
with Y... has been a wonderful blessing. 

Also I forgot to tell you, a few weeks ago I did the sacrament prayer
at church in Shuwa, Japanese sign language.  I was so scared at first
but it went ok!  I'm starting to be able to have really simple
conversations in sign language and we have some Shuwa investigators
now.  But I still have a long way to go.
I hear that you just went to the pumpkin farm last night on
Fairgrounds Road.  I remember that place.  It was always fun to go there
with everyone.  I hope you enjoyed it a lot.  Thanks for identifying that song
for me.  Seriously, it was driving me crazy not knowing where it
was from.  I thought maybe I was turning into Bach or something, coming
up with my own music.  Lol. Did you say that you were going to send me
the sheet music for that?  Thanks so much.
Well I love you all lots.  Have a great week and I can't wait to hear
from you on Monday next week!


Eric Stevens

Ps.  Here are some pictures.  The top one is a pic of our district in
Tsukuba.  Left to right bottom to top...Sisters Crapo, Combs, Orton,
Reyes, Elders Scoville, Stevens, Baker, and Meza.
The second pic is of me and T... at a park by our apartment.  We
went on top of a tall tower there and had a picnic.  Behind us is
Tsukuba mountain.
The last pic is of the tower sky tree in Tokyo.  Its a view from the
inside of the Kits Senju train station.  This is where I am right now
writing this email.
Hope you enjoyed the pics!  Love yah!

Elder Stevens and Elder Scoville


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