General Conference, Zone Meetings, and Volleyball...

Hey everyone,

Sorry you didn't get my last email last week.  Idk what happened.  I
sent it and it said that I sent it, but it didn't go through.  Maybe
it's because I tried to send home a video and that messed it up.

We had a great week this week with conference.  To watch it we had to
take the train for an hour to get to the stake center.  The building
was massive!  It was five stories tall and was bigger than our stake
center in America!  It even had a bball court which I have only seen
in 2 churches since I have been here.  I think my favorite talk was the one about looking in
the right direction, because I see it a lot in myself and in others.

After conference, we went to a park close to our apartment with a
football field and volleyball net and met with one of our friends named M...
He is from China but he was born in Japan and speaks fluent Japanese.
And what's even better is that he loves volleyball.  Luckily I do to!
We had one of our member friends brother H... with us and we played
some two on two volleyball.  It was really fun!  He also said that he
would come to church in a couple weeks so we are really excited for

Also this week we were able to have another zone meeting!  Yay!  I'm
telling yah, my companion is doing a really good job as a zone leader.
The meeting went amazing and my favorite part of the whole thing was
at the end, my companion and I gave a training on being courageous.
Like how we can become fearless and what blessings we get when we are
fearless.  I really felt the spirit during the training and everyone
afterwards said that it really inspired them a lot.  I hope so because
it really helped me to plan for the training and I learned a lot.
Sometimes it really amazes me how God has so much trust in us.  I have
only been a zone leader for one transfer and my companion for only one
week, but despite that, I have only lead one zone meeting before and it
was my companions first one, the meeting was great and we were all
spiritually fed.

In other news, it's really cool cuz we recently found a
weightlifting gym that has free weights next to our apartment.  We have
been going there every other day and I feel amazingly sore right now.
They actually have legit bench press stuff, dumbbells, and good
machines!  Hopefully I don't transfer for awhile so I can get super
buff here.

Thanks from for helping me apply to college.  I'm glad that you liked
the essays.  It was surprisingly hard to write them because my grammar is
getting pretty bad and you don't really notice it that much until you
try to write stuff down on paper. 
Well everyone, it's that time again to head off to Costco.  As always
it was a pleasure to write to you all again this week.  Have a great
week and I love you lots!


Eric Stevens

Ps here is the pics of the gym and a fireworks party that we went to
last week.  We went with our recent convert T... and two Chinese
investigators that we have.  Enjoy!

Matsudo Stake Center
Sister Orten and Sister Reyes
(Courtesy of Sister Orten)


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