Typhoon, Meetings, And More Miracles...

Hey Everyone,

How's it going back in the good ol state of Ohio?  Things are pretty
amazing over here and very wet. We just had a big typhoon, or well, it
was supposed to be big, but my companion and I went out and braved the
storm just to say that we did and we didn't get blown away, so we were a
little disappointed.  We did get a lot of rain and wind but that was
about it for the typhoon.

It was really fun to go to the temple last week.  It is just so relaxing
to be able to go there and feel the spirit all of the time.  We
usually watch the session in English because the Japanese is crazy
hard in the temple but I think I'm going to try it in Japanese next
time.  Wish me luck!  It was also really cool this transfer to go to
the temple after transfer calls because we got to meet our new
companions right there at the temple.  I wonder if they'll do that
again next time...

Last week was pretty busy with planning as usual. It was a little
harder because instead of just sitting down and planning together like
we would usually do, my companion was a few hours away so we had to do
it over the phone.  It's really hard to plan something this big over
the phone I can tell you.  Luckily it went really well.  On Friday, first we
had a 2 hour long training meeting to give to the district leaders to
help on all of the new policies that they are going to be having soon in the mission.
Then after a quick lunch break we had a 5 hour long training with
everyone in the zone.  That was an amazing meeting that went
really well and made everyone super excited for the big Christmas
miracle coming up really soon.  But thank you so much for all of your
prayers for that meeting.

My companion did a really good job during his first week as a zone
leader.  He has really helped a lot with planning everything because
he has a lot of really good ideas.  Even during his first meeting that
he had to conduct, he did a great job.  I was worried that since it
was his first day as a zone leader that he wouldn't want to take the
lead a lot during the trainings, but he probably talked about as much
as me.  He is going to do great for the zone.

So mom was asking about some of the miracles that we saw during the
blitz.  The sisters who were also part of the blitz were able to find
someone who wanted to be taken to the church right then
and there even though she lived an hour away from the church.  They
did a church tour while the relief society were having an activity so
they were able to become friends with this person.  Now because of
that, she is taking the lessons from the sisters there and has a date
for baptism next month!  Another one was that my companion and I were
at the station in Mito when a random guy just walked up to us and
asked us if there was a church nearby that he could visit.  He couldn't
do it right then and there but his mother is  Christian so he wants to
go to church with her.  Actually they went a couple weeks ago and are
now meeting with the Elders.  Because we had all of these blitz
miracles, we are hoping to be able to do it again this transfer.
Everyone is super excited for it but since this transfer is only 5
weeks long instead of 6 weeks, I dont think that we are going to have
enough time.

Everyone here is really looking forward to go to general conference
this week.  We have to drive down to the stake center with a member
really early in the morning because we can't just sit at home and watch
it over here.  It should be really fun because we are going up with
our friend T... and the coolest member in the ward ever H...  Its
going to be a total blast!  I'm sorta jealous that you all got to see
it live over there last week.  It's no fair!

Well, now I'm going to eat some muffins at Costco.  I seriously
love how I can just go over there every week and just get tons of
American stuff.  You seriously don't know how lucky you are to have all
of that stuff back home.  I hope that you all have a great week!  I
will be sure to write back next week!  I just barely sent out some
letters to the family so keep a look out for them.  I love you lots and

Eric Stevens

Matsudo Zone


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