Long Week!

Hey Everyone!

Where to begin?  This was a very interesting week.  It started off
with tons of miracles and ended with a lot more, but the middle was
really long and hard.  Well Dad, I'm sad to hear that you are feeling
sick.  Luckily I am not sick yet, but my companion was sick for the
past few days. Actually he is still pretty sick.  Because he was sick,
we had to stay at the apartment for 3 straight days and do nothing but
call people and study.  It got really boring after awhile.  Just
watching your companion sleep and wishing that you could sleep too, but
knowing that you had to stay as productive as you could so you stay
awake and keep pushing on is the hardest thing I have ever done.  I
got to study a lot of The Book Of Revelations from the Bible though. It was very
interesting.  Also since my companion was down, I had to take care of
the zone and that was very tiring.  I know why they have
two zone leaders to take care of it.  Let's just say, I'm really glad
that it is pday today and that I get to take a nap!

But the week wasn't just full of waiting around the apartment, we saw
lots of miracles too!  We had a big college visit where
everyone in the mission went to their nearest college and found people
there to share the gospel.  Since we were really busy with zone planning, we only had
about an hour to be able to find people, and we said that we were not
going to eat dinner until we found a new investigator.  It was getting
dark and we were really hungry when we saw a guy coming towards us on
his bike.  We stopped him and said hello and then because I was really
hungry, I asked him if he knew the way to the nearest Burger King.  He
said yeah and he surprised us by saying that he was really hungry too
and he wanted to go with us. So we biked for about an hour to the
Burger King, ate with him, and then taught him about prayer and the
blessings we get from it.  The guy was so excited to have met us and we are
going to meet with him again this Thursday and show him around the
church.  So God works in mysterious ways and we got to eat dinner and
find a new investigator at the same time!

It was also really cool because yesterday I got to go to a YSA activity.
I was nervous being around so many member girls because we can't
really talk to girls, but I struck up a conversation with one and she
was excited to hear that I was from Ohio, because she is going to be
going to Ohio State next year in August to study for an exchange
program.  It's really weird that she would be going to Ohio
State because most people in Japan haven't even heard that much about Ohio
and to find someone who is going to go to Ohio for schooling was
really cool!  Just lots of cool stuff happening this week!

I would just like to end by thanking mom and dad for all of the
emails!  I loved the pictures and the email about the world events.
My time on a mission is going by fast.  Thanks again for
the updates on everything!
Well, I'm going to go now and take a much needed nap. Hopefully it will
help alleviate some of the stress from last week.  Love you all lots and

Eric Stevens


Matsudo Stake Center


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