There's A Chill In The Air...Burrrrrrr!

Hey everyone!

I'm glad to hear that everything is going well in Ohio!  It sounds
like everyone is getting ready for Christmas and the winter season.
The weather started getting a little cold last week, enough for me to
start wearing a fleece jacket around but it still isn't too bad for me
yet.  My companion is from California so he's already bundling up in
his heavy winter clothes.  Everyone here tells me I'm crazy because up
until recently, I was wearing nothing but short sleeve shirts.  I keep
telling them that this weather is normal in Ohio and they never
believe me.  I wonder what they must be thinking when they see a white
guy with blond hair, wearing a short sleeve shirt while everyone
around him is bundled up in jackets.  Just thinking about it makes me
laugh.  Luckily, I am not as far north as I was last winter so
hopefully I'll be able to survive all the winter months.

Last week, I was able to go on splits with our recent convert T...
and do some housing with him.  He is a complete natural at it.  He
would always give me corrections and tips about how to talk more
Japanese to people to get them to talk to us so I learned a lot!
Unfortunately, we did not see much success in getting other
appointments set up but we still had lots of fun. T... loved it and
he wants to go with us again next week.  Actually he is going to help
us teach this cool guy named S... tomorrow.  He is a skateboarder and
he wants to know what the meaning of life is, so next week we are going with
him to Costco to talk about it.  I couldn't think of a better place to
do it. Lol

We just barely finished up our zone meeting last week and it went
really well.  It took 3 hours and then right after that we had our
district leader training conference which took another 2 hrs so it was
a really long day.  But it was really cool because we have great district leaders in our zone.

Also this week we had a sweet miracle!  On Wednesday, we got a random
email from a guy who some of the previous missionaries in this area
had been working with.  He had gone back home to China and got
married and when he got back to Japan, he emailed us wondering if
there was any activities that he could go to.  We told him that we had
a ping pong night on Friday and invited him to come.  He did and we
taught him a lesson right there about families because he had just
got married.  He said that when his wife came here from China he
would come to church with her because church had helped us so much.  I
told him that he should start coming now so he could teach his wife
about it when she arrives and he said that that was a good idea and
that he would come next week.  He also said that he wanted to talk and
learn about God with us if we had any free time.  I told him that that
is seriously all we did and that we would love to meet with him to do
that.  We are going to meet with him next Saturday.  Really excited!

Well that's about all for this week.  I love everyone and I wish them
the best this Christmas season!  I'd like to make a shout out to
grandma Kaldahl because I just got her letter this week.  Thanks
grandma,  I love you!

Hey mom, you thought I forgot didn't you... Happy bday mom!  The
subject says happy bday in Japanese. :) I know your birthday is tomorrow, but I hope
that you have a wonderful day today!  I love you lots!  Thanks for
everything that you have done for me!
Love you all!

Eric Stevens


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