Pumkin Pies, Violin, Telephone Call, Christmas Miracles...

Greetings everyone!

And welcome to another addition of Eric's weekly mission update.  Guess
what I have cooking in the oven right now...two pumpkin pies!  They
smell so good and I am pretty excited to be able to eat them soon.
Unfortunately, I don't get to eat them both by myself.  I am waiting for
them to finish cooking with my companion, my dear friend Aaron and the
sister missionaries in our district.  They sorta just showed up while
I was cooking and I couldn't say no so I guess that means less pie for
me but more blessings!  Everyone was just so impressed that an Elder
could actually cook stuff.  First it was the mashed potatoes and now
it's the pumpkin pie.  I guess I'm just full of surprises.

Another thing that may seem surprising to many is that I've been
practicing the piano and the violin a lot recently.  We have a big 2
zone conference coming up in a few weeks and I get to play a special
musical number on the violin and the piano for that so I've been
playing a lot.  Actually the violin that I am using right now is super
good!  Maybe not as good as the one that I had in America but it's the
best violin that I have seen in Japan and it sounds so good!  I am
definitely glad that I learned how to play so many musical instruments
now.  Speaking of instruments, thank you so much for the sheet music
that you sent me in the package.  I've been practicing those a lot too
in my free time.  I love playing music now!

Some cool stuff that happened this week.  I got to call Andrew on the
phone!  I was so happy to talk to him again.  His voice sounded really
weird though, so I'm a little worried that my Ohio accent is gone now
and that I sound Japanese.  I actually answered the phone in
Japanese and he was a little nervous because he thought that he had
the wrong number.  It was pretty funny.  Unfortunately his calling
card didn't work very well so we only had like 24 min and 4 sec to
talk on the phone but it made my week! 

Right before that though, I
had an adventure with my bike.  Idk what's up with bikes in Tsukuba
but my bike broke again.  This time, it was the back tire, it just
sorta blew up.  It didn't just have a puncture but it literally blew
up.  So I had to walk it to a store a little bit away but the store
was closed because it was like some random bike shop holiday.  So to
get it fixed, I had to pretty much bribe the guy who worked there
because we were really far away from where we lived.  It was not cheap
I can tell you.  I have spent so much money on my bike while in

On the Christmas miracle front, we haven't seen any new baptisms in
our zone recently.  However, we have lots of people
with dates in November so we are hoping that they will be able to
follow through with those dates so we can contribute to our Christmas
miracle for the mission.  We have been finding a lot of new
investigators recently so we are also very hopeful that they are
miracle gold people who are going to get baptized this Christmas
season.  One of the new guys that we met this week was F...  He is
from China and it was really funny because the first thing he did when
he saw me was give me a really expensive, fancy thing of Chinese green
tea.  We still need to teach him the Word of Wisdom, but his lesson
went really well and he wants to have an eternal family with his wife
who is still in China.  That's just one of the cool miracles that we
had for Christmas this year.

Well the pies are finally done in the oven so I'm going to dish them
out now.  Thanks a lot for all of the love and emails that you always
send me.  I love them all and I really appreciate them.  I especially
loved the stake conference talk that dad sent.  It had some cool stuff
in it that I can use in some of my trainings.  I'm pretty excited!
Well anyways, have a great week!  I love you all!


Eric Stevens

Tokyo Temple
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