Yes...Transfers Again!

Hey everyone!

Guess what, we had another transfer call day yesterday.  And for
the first time ever, I haven't transferred or received a new companion.
I was so surprised when we got our call saying that we were staying
together because it has never happened before.  I think the Mission President is doing
it this way because we are right in the middle of the Christmas
miracle focus and he doesn't want to switch things up in the
leadership that much.  I'm just glad that I get to stay with my
companion again.  He is really cool and we get along really well and
have the same vision for the zone.  The weird thing
about this transfer is that I am now officially old.  I didn't know
this, but I was informed that as soon as you finish your 10th transfer
and start your 11th transfer, you are considered old and experienced.
So now I only have like 4 to 5 more transfers to go.  Crazy

Sorry I couldn't email you yesterday.  Whenever we get transfer calls,
the zone leaders are in charge of setting up the transfer plans and we
did that yesterday.  It took like 4 straight hours of looking up train
times and working everything out.  Let's just say I'm so happy right now.
Luckily I don't have to worry about that again for another 6 weeks.

So, some cool things that happened this week. I got to go on splits
with our recent convert T... and go visit a college festival.  It
was on Sunday so unfortunately we couldn't buy any of the amazingly good
smelling food, but we were able to go see a really good taiko drum
performance.  It was so amazing because we had front row seats.  It
was so loud that I wish I had brought my earplugs and I wonder if I
ever played guitar in the band back home this loud.  If so, I'm
surprised that I can still hear.  No wonder dad always wore his
earplugs whenever he played with us.  The performers were really
skilled and they were dancing and stuff while they played.

Also this week on Thursday for our mission leadership council, we went
to Tokyo to the Meiji shrine, which is one of the biggest ones in
Japan.  Since it was in my old area it felt so strange to be back
where I use to street and talk to people.  But we went there and got
a private tour of the shrine.  We even got to go and see one of the
singing and dancing rituals that they do to honor the spirits of the
emperor and empress Meiji.  It was really interesting to learn so much
about their culture and beliefs of the Shinto faith, and we are now
going to take the knowledge that we learned and share it with the
zones to help them teach more to the Japanese needs and
beliefs.  We think that this is really going to help us to realize the
Christmas miracle.  And don't worry, I took lots of pictures and I will
be sending them to you too. Lol

It was really exciting this week because I was also able to get
grandma and grandpa Stevens Halloween letter in the mail along with my
families letter.  Thank you so much for those!  When I opened up
grandmas letter I thought for sure that there would be $5 inside it,
but I guess I couldn't use it in Japan anyways so I was just glad to
get the letter.  And thank you so much dad, I was very surprised to
get your letter.  And mom, Alexa, and Ian.  I loved your letters too!
Thanks for taking the time to write me!

Also thanks for the recording of Alexa and Andrew playing Song of Sienna.
I've listened to it so many times that I can almost play it by ear.
You don't have to send me the cello part of the song if it is 10 pages
long.  Just the piano part should be fine.  I am excited to get the
music so that I can continue to practice the piano a little bit.  Now
I try to play as much as I can but it's all from memory and it is
getting rusty so I can't wait to get the sheet music.  As for requests for
the thanksgiving package, I think the pumpkin pie idea was really
good.  Grandmas molasses cookies and your chocolate chip cookies were
really good.  And maybe big packages of rips, sour patch watermelon
candies, and a big bag of peanut butter or pretzel m&ms would be
awesome!  Or also some more granola bars would be nice.  I like the
luna ones better than the kind bars but they are both really good.
Sorry that's a long list but just send as much as can fit in the box
and I will be very grateful!

Well I think thats all I can write for now.  Man, I always hate having
to end emails.  I love you lots and lots!  Keep up the good work and
be safe.  I know that you are all amazing people and I love you soo
much!  I can't wait to talk to you soon for Christmas!


Eric Stevens

Ps that's so exciting that Tim got his mission call to Portugal.  Why
is everyone but me and Andrew going to places that speak Portuguese?

Halloween with the Bishop's Family


Washing Basin At Meiji Shrine Tokyo, Japan

Meiji Shrine


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