Skateboards, Andrew In Japan, Being Locked Out...

Crazy to say it, but it was starting to get cold this week.  I guess I
shouldn't be surprised because it is November, but I had to break out
the jacket and gloves this week.  Besides the increase of shivering,
we had a great week. We taught the most number of lessons that this
area has seen in 6 months which was really exciting. It was only 14
so we still have a while to go before we get up to standards but we
are starting to see a pick up with all of the new investigators that
we are finding while on the way to other appointments.  The Lord is
definitely hastening his work so that we can see the Christmas
miracles this year. 

Before I go any farther, I would like to wish dad a very happy bday!
I know it's not your bday yet in America, but in the future over here
you are officially a year older! Lol. We had a zone conference call
today and during the announcements part of the call I made sure to
tell everyone in the zone that it was your bday today.  So you are
getting all of the bday wishes of the Matsudo North Zone in the Tokyo
Mission.  We all hope that you have a happy day!
Speaking of bdays today is my 16th month bday as a missionary.  Crazy
right?  That means I'm already 2/3 of the way done.  That also means
that it's almost skyping time this year for Christmas.  I'm pretty
excited not ganna lie.  It only comes but twice a year so it's
something to really look forward to. 

Oh, and I can't wait to talk to
Andrew this week.  I sent Andrew a big email about pay phones in Japan
so hopefully he will get that before he leaves.  If Andrew flies into
the Narita airport, he will only be 1 hr away from where I live, and if
he flies to the Tokyo airport, he will only be 3 hours from where I
live by train.  It's cool to think that we will be so close together
during that hour and a half.  I wish it could be longer.

So about the week.  We started meeting with this cool guy named S...
He is a skateboarder who my old companion sorta stole his skateboard
so that is how we met.  We got his skateboard back and then became
best friends.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and told him how it has
blessed our lives, and he said that he has plenty of time so he is
going to read the whole thing.  He wants to learn about the purpose of
life and loves talking about God and spiritual stuff so we are really
excited for him.  We went on a Costco date with him (I love Costco
dendo) and he really opened up.  We talked about faith and how through
it we can receive help from God for anything from skateboard tricks to
questions of the soul.  He was totally glued in the whole time and
says he wants that.  We are going to set a date with him for baptism
this week.  His only problem is he likes beer, especially American
beer.  He talked about that a lot during our meeting and he even asked
us if we wanted to come over, drink some beer, and read the Book of
Mormon together.  We had to decline but he is really excited to meet
this week and get some Mexican food together.

This week we also planned for our Thanksgiving party that we are
holding this Friday.  I don't know why we are doing it a week early
and on a Friday but that's Japan for you.  The funny thing is, I got
my assignment to help and guess what it was...I have to make the
mashed potatoes!  I'm telling yah, no matter where I go, I'm always in
charge of the mashed potatoes.  I guess it's fate.  Don't worry, next
year I can make you all the mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving.
I am happy to say that I did receive the package that you sent me mom
and the family.  Thank you so much!  I got it on Tuesday last week and
put the pie crust in the fridge as soon as I could. It should be ok
because it's so cold over here anyways.  I am planning on making the pie
next pday so we can actually eat it on Thanksgiving day to celebrate.
We have a Peruvian and a French guy in our apartment so we are going
to share the American love with them together that day.  Should be
fun!  I am anxiously waiting for grandmas package in the mail soon, and
I can't wait for the molasses cookies this year.

So one more story before I go.  Yesterday we went out with T...
again to go streeting by the train station.  Because it was right
after church we didn't have a chance to eat lunch or anything.  We
dendoed for awhile and we met lots of cool people and actually got
some numbers and return appointments this time which made T... very
happy!  The day was going great until we returned home and realized
that we had left the keys in the apartment.  We were locked out.  We
called the other elders for help because we were really hungry because
at this time it was 6pm and time for dinner.  They didn't answer our
calls because they were in a lesson which they wouldn't finish until
after 9:30pm.  There was nothing to do but tighten our belts and go on.
We did a ton of emails and zone planning at the church while we were
waiting for the time when our saviors would return and let us eat.
When we were finally let in, we were so happy!  Now this story reminds
me of the parable of the 10 Virgins taught by Jesus. 
I now know how it feels to be locked out of the wedding ceremony and it was not fun.  I would just
like to invite you all to make sure that you are prepared so that you
will not be locked out at the last day.  That is my testimony.
Actually if it was any day besides Sunday it would have been fine and we
could have bought food. But no, we just aren't that lucky.  Lol

Well I hope that you liked my story.  I also hope that you all have a
wonderful week!  I love you lots and lots!  I can't wait to hear from
you soon!  Once again, happy bday dad!  I sent you and mom some
pamphlets from the Meiji shrine for your bday along with a letter to
the family.  Hope you enjoy it!

Love yall,

Eric Stevens

Parable Of Ten Virgins


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