Happy New Year!

Hello everyone!

Wow, I can't believe how fast the Christmas season has flown by!  It
seemed like I was so excited to skype and now it's all over and done
with.  I guess there's always Mother's Day in a few months.

It was good to hear about all of
the fun things that you have been doing for Christmas and the New
Year!  How is Nepal going?  I bet it is really fun.  I really want to
show all of the pictures to my friend from Nepal named B...  We are
hopefully going to meet with him on Wednesday so I can show them then.
He is our friend with a baptismal date for the 14th of February but he
is still having trouble getting to church.  He works everyday all day so
it's really hard for him.  We need to help with him with that.

This week we were able to meet with a lot of new people.  There were
just tons of people that were in the area book that no one had heard
of so we called them up and set up appointments.  They all went really
well as you saw from the facebook post.  That guy was named Y...
He is an English teacher so his expectation was to meet and talk
English but since it was Christmas we had other plans in mind.  We
asked him what the meaning of Christmas was and he said Jesus but he
didn't know more than that.  He didn't have too much interest, but he
brought a Chinese friend who had tons.  The Chinese guy's name was Y... and we taught
him about the Book of Mormon.  They both want to meet again but for
different reasons. 

So funny story now, so you remember how earlier on in my mission, I
bought 20L of alcohol by mistake?  Well, I messed up again.  So we had a Christmas
party last week, and I was in charge of buying the American
refreshments.  Of course, since there was a Costco nearby, I went
there and bought a cake, the one with the cream and the
chocolate.  Since it was Costco and American, I wasn't very
careful in reading the ingredients and just bought 2 of them for $25.
They looked so good!  But I went to the church with them, and as soon
as I walked in, a member ran out telling me that those cakes were bad
because they were full of coffee.  At first I didn't believe them, but
then I read and bam, right there, in small Japanese letters, was the
word コーヒー(coffee).  Face palm.  Not again.  I'm just really good at
buying bad stuff in Japan.  They looked so good too.  It was just a
waste to throw them away.

Well, right now I am making the rice pudding right now and it looks so
good!  Here are some pic!  I gotta go right now.  Sorry this is so
short but Pday is really short this week.  I love you lots and lots!
Be safe in Nepal!

Love, Eric

Christmas Rice Pudding.  Yummm!


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